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   Chapter 3003 The Yellow Cosmos (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6152

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Austin had no words to describe how he was feeling now that he was headed for the cosmos where his home planet was located.

It did not matter how far he had traveled and how many days had passed. He only cared that he would finally be home. It had been so long.

Finally, there was some development.

Austin sensed that the transport had slowed down. After a short while, it finally came to a stop and they remained suspended in a certain spot. He checked around and found that he was greeted by a marvelous sight. A vast area of stars lay before him, as far as the eye could see. This area seemed rather strange to him.

Countless shining stars extended to the far end, like numerous sparkling gemstones embedded in a sky that was darker than black velvet. While the silence was deafening, the twinkle of each star filled the entire space, even to places not within one's view.

A myriad of galaxies scattered in this universe like shining jade belts. From a distance, the scene looked like an exquisite painting of a great master. Its beauty and magnificence was stunning.

One could also marvel at the fact that almost every galaxy was as large as a small universe.

Each small universe had its own galaxy of stars that sparkled with mesmerizing illumination.

"What a sight to behold!"

"Is this universe the Yellow Cosmos? It's beautiful!" "Wow! I have never seen such beauty!" "It just takes my breath away!" Words of exclamation could be heard from among the crowd.

All the cultivators were at a loss for words, overwhelmed by the magnificence and brilliance of the universe in front of them.

In fact, the universe of the Yellow Cosmos was indeed more beautiful and majestic than many other universes.

"The door to the Gods' Hometown is about to open. Is this where the door is located? Are we in the right spot

e divine gods from the ancient times and by some stroke of bad luck, we come across it? I cannot fathom exactly, but I am sure that it will be strong enough to kill us all without mercy!"

an elder in black said in a low voice, a serious expression on his face.

This old man was an earth immortal from a major sect, who came along to protect the younger talented disciples of their sect.

The fervent atmosphere in the crowd suddenly turned into sheer silence. The smug smiles were instantly wiped out from their faces.

Most of the cultivators were taken aback by the old man's words. They knew that the old man was telling the truth and all of them were speechless.

It was widely acknowledged that everything related to the gods drew power out of everybody's imagination. Anyone who underestimated such power was fated to pay a high price.

If there were indeed remnants of the spiritual auras left here by the gods from the ancient times, only a few would be left standing in this crowd. Most of the cultivators would die here, their lives taken as sacrifice for the gods and would have no chance of getting out alive. For most of the cultivators, just thinking about it sent shivers up and down their spines.

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