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   Chapter 3002 A Battle In The Sea Of Chaos

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"Oh, I see now. A wisp of spiritual soul energy is somehow guarding the universe. Go to hell!"

The massive haze that broke into the universe began to take shape, its figure becoming clearer and clearer under the starry sky.

It turned into a man, and he was gigantic. He had a handsome visage, albeit a cold one, with a pair of sharp eyes that glinted like large stars.

A black fog was floating about him. He exhaled a horrifying breath that filled the universe and made all the creatures tremble in fear for their life.

The urge to flee was palpable in the air, although no one was moving.

Everyone was rooted to the spot, horror and fascination intermingled with each other at the scene that was unfolding before their eyes.


The giant figure took stock of his surroundings.

His gaze landed on the white-haired old man, and he gave an angry snort that shook the ground.

Everyone watched, transfixed as the figure lifted a hand in what seemed like a slow, calculated motion.

It was a menacing thing, in its appearance as much as in size.

It was pitch black, and gave a heavy, ominous vibe not unlike a black hole.

It sucked light and sound from the area it passed, a hungry and bottomless void.

Then all too sudden it came down with a violent force, taking a swipe at the direction of the old man.

The impending attack jarred everyone back to their senses.

Already, all of the cultivators' souls were shivering at the overwhelming pressure brought about by the force of that single, swinging hand.

"The trial needs to stop here," the white-haired old man called out to everyone.

"The situation speaks for itself.

I will be opening the emergency passage now. Please make haste and leave as soon as possible!"

Given his powerful spiritual strength, he had sensed that the other right negative worlds along the Primordial Road were all under attack as well.

It was too late to send these cultivators back to the entrance of the road by the normal transmission channel.

That path was already compromised.

Their intruders would swatting away at them as though they were nothing more than flies before they could even manage to halve the distance.

They were left with no other option besides the emergency passage, and that route went right to the Yellow Cosmos.

The old man felt a twinge of annoyance at the sudden turn of events.

"Please bear in mind that you will be transferred to the Yellow Cosmos!"

"The Yellow Cosmos?"

the cultivators were exclaiming in unison.

The Yellow Cosmos had been their target destination all along.

It was there that they were all expecting the door to the Gods' Hometown to appear in, after all.

They had to endure the entry through this dark passage from the Purple Cosmos.

And they had been bombarded all this time with various dangerous trials along the Primordial Road.

Even now, they were facing a rather daunting enemy.

But instead of engaging in yet another battle, it would seem that they were being gifted with a shortcut of sorts.

An unexpected encounter with an enemy was turning out to be an advantage.

Austin, in particular, was pleasantly surprised at this develo

raveled through the dimensions at an alarming speed, raining down on the intruders nonstop.

Soon they were no longer able to defend themselves, besieged as they were by unseen attackers.

"Argh!" A huge monster shrieked as a beam of light hit him. A large chunk of his flesh and bones chipped away, bathing his surroundings with a rain of blood.

In the next moment, an ancient blade slashed down upon him, killing him on the spot, physically and spiritually.

A couple of intruding creatures followed the same fate soon after.

"Run!" shrieked the old man who led the bandits.

He knew all too well how things would turn out if they stayed and continued to fight.

They fled.

However, they weren't expecting their enemy to give pursuit.

The spiritual senses, the magic treasures, and the energy columns had no intention of letting these monsters escape.

They hunted them down.

When he managed to find a hiding place, the old man hunkered down and hurriedly took out a crystal ball the size of his fist.

The ball emitted a dazzling light, forming a wall that enclosed him in safety while blocking their pursuers behind.

"Ha-ha! We're saved thanks to this magnificent crystal ball refined by Lord Hackett!"

The intruders laughed in desperate relief as they ran from the wall and into the depths of the Sea of Chaos.

Meanwhile, in that moment, Austin and the other cultivators were still in the middle of transmitting between dimensions.

It was difficult for them to determine what time it was or which spaces they were traversing across since they were spinning the entire time.

Austin didn't bother much anyway, because he was preoccupied.

'It's really happening now! I'm going back to the universe where Earth is!' He still couldn't quite believe it.

'Ever since my soul traveled to Prime Martial World, I've been in that universe for such a long time.

I wonder how long it's been on Earth.

Are my family and friends still alive?

Will I finally be able to see them again?'

Full of excitement as he was, Austin couldn't help the unease that crept in alongside his anticipation.

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