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   Chapter 3000 The Assailant From The Negative World (Part One)

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"Mr. Lin, thanks a lot!"

Once they were back again at the inn, Prince Aldrich thanked Austin again.

"Ha-ha! Never mind. That's okay. You are being too chivalrous. Just call me Austin.

We are friends now, right? All these routines of courtesy between us are unnecessary,"

Austin said earnestly.

"Alright, Austin. I agree that as we are friends now all these routines of courtesy between us are uncalled for. And you will call me Aldrich, alright?

Well, now I'm going to cultivate in seclusion. I've got to refine a large vessel of spiritual crystal. I cannot delay it any further!"

Prince Aldrich burst into a fit of hearty laughter. He was so thrilled and excited, that he could not wait anymore to find an apt place for cultivation.

For ordinary cultivators, it would take a much longer time to refine a large vessel of spiritual crystal.

However, Prince Aldrich was the most exceptional martial arts genius among the young generation of the Beast Cosmos. So he could swiftly refine the vessel of spiritual crystal.

Soon, the Heavenly Majestic Pot, Violet, the gnome, the little infinity beast and all the other cultivators were able to complete their cultivation.

Each one of them had developed their spiritual sense dramatically!

A few days later, Prince Aldrich was also able to finish his cultivation.

He had succeeded in refining the large vessel of spiritual crystal. It added to his spiritual sense and increased it to a great extent.

During their last confront, Prince Aldrich was at a disadvantage only because Dempsey of the Mu Clan got lucky and refined a vessel of spiritual crystal. Now they were on an equal footing after Aldrich also absorbed a vessel of crystal. If he encountered Dempsey now, he would not be defeated so easily

nd small worlds?"

the creature standing next to the old man asked with curiosity.

"I think the war between the gods in the ancient time could be a reason.

During the war between these gods, the gods from our side were defeated and expelled from their hometowns. They had to hide themselves in the Sea of Chaos, living an obscure life.

But the gods of positive world who claimed that they sided with the great justice, must also have inflicted great casualties. Their injuries and deaths might have been worse than ours.

After so many years, those gods of the so-called positive world might have perished or become old. I don't think there are many of them left in the world now.

Maybe that's why they are not seen or heard any more in the mortal world. They will be slowly forgotten,"

another creature conveyed his opinion.

"Well, that indeed makes sense."

All the other creatures nodded in unison.

"All right! It looks like we have accomplished the mission this time.

Let's get back and report to our leader now,"

the wrinkled old man reminded.

"Before leaving from here, let's erase the road of trial.

And I have to take all our people back."

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