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   Chapter 2999 This Is Too Much

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"Mr. Lin, this is..."

Prince Aldrich uttered, but was too dumbfounded to say another word.

Five large vessels of spiritual crystal appeared right before his eyes, which shocked him a lot. After all, one vessel was already of great value.

"Ha-ha. This is just a small gift for you. Just take it.

I still have a lot of them,"

Austin responded with a faint smile.

'Oh my gosh!

Did he just say that he still has a lot of them?'

All the living creatures in the city were shocked to hear Austin's words.

For ordinary cultivators, a single large vessel of spiritual crystal was a priceless treasure.

However, Austin was giving five of them to Prince Aldrich! He even said that he still had many of those vessels.

"Are you serious about giving me these vessels, Mr. Lin? But...

this is too much," Prince Aldrich finally said.

He was wondering if Austin's gestures were out of jest.

It was hard to believe that someone would give even one large vessel of spiritual crystal to other people, let alone five all at once.

"Prince Aldrich, are you refusing my gift? If you are, I will be disappointed,"

Austin replied.

Prince Aldrich took a deep breath.

"Fine, I will keep them.

Mr. Lin, I will never forget your great kindness!

I am forever in your debt,"

Prince Aldrich said in a firm and sincere manner.

Those earth immortals beside Prince Aldrich who had earlier proposed to cut ties from Austin felt so guilty that they did not dare to look at Austin in the eye.

"Come on, it's just five vessels. It's not a big deal. Why are you making such a big fuss out of it?"

Austin smiled at Prince Aldrich.

'Did he just say that five vessels is not a big deal?'

The people who heard Austin were shaken up once again.

'If he thinks that five large vessels of spiritual crystal is not too much, then he must have many rare treasures!' the onlookers speculated in their mind.

Some even suspected that Austin was only flaunting his treasures to make people jealous.

"Ha-ha! Let's go for a few rounds to see whose spiritual sense is stronger when we meet next time," Prince Aldrich jeered at Dempsey after he accepted the five vessels of spiritual crystal.

He pulled himself together and became confident again after receiving Austin's gift. He then stared at Dempsey of the Mu Clan aggressively.

Dempsey of the Mu Clan ignored Prince Aldrich's provocation and even took a step forward. "Austin, how and where did you get so many vessels of spiritual crystal? Tell me!"

Dempsey shouted sternly as he fixed his bloodthirsty eyes at Austin.

Pearce took a stride towards Austin too.

"Austin, let o

of them could not help but kneel down on the ground.

Some of them were even at the Earth Immortal Realm.

Masters like Dempsey, Pearce, and the first successor of the Divine Sect gathered all their spiritual senses to withstand the attacks of the spiritual dragon and the spiritual tree.

Many participants who were away but within the city noticed the commotion. They unleashed their spiritual senses and saw numerous people on their knees.

What shocked them most was all of them were from powerful forces!

The entire city went absolutely still and quiet.

Seeing what was happening, the thin man who was hiding in the void laughed. "This young man has both the spiritual tree and the spiritual dragon, which are the most important treasures in the spiritual race.

What a lucky boy!

But he has gone too far,"

he murmured.

He was the guardian of the city. If he would not intervene, the people of the powerful forces would all become Austin's slaves.

"Stop! Knock it off. If anyone dares to make trouble again, he or she will be obliterated directly!"

the thin man said gravely as he showed himself above the city.

"You are lucky this time," Austin said to the people of the powerful forces while pocketing the spiritual dragon back to his Soul Sea.

Then, he left with Prince Aldrich and the other members of the Beast Cosmos.

All the people were relieved upon seeing Austin depart. Many of them fell on the ground, and gasped for air. Some even had a hard time standing up.

Other participants who had witnessed the scene stared at Austin's receding figure with fear.

'I'd better leave this guy alone, '

they reminded themselves.

The members of the powerful forces gritted their teeth and glared at Austin's back with hatred.

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