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   Chapter 2998 You Have The Balls To Show Yourself

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"Cut the crap!

We know that several masters at the Earth Immortal Realm and many disciples in our sect have fallen into Austin's hands, and were forced to be his slaves.

That little bastard is really looking for trouble,"

the first successor of the Divine Sect said coldly as he stepped out of the crowd.

"Now, tell me! Where on earth is Austin hiding?"

he asked and narrowed his eyes sharply at Prince Aldrich threateningly.

The first successor of the Divine Sect had acquired some core secret skills and several spiritual magic pills in an old cave of a master from the spiritual race. The pills helped boost his spiritual sense. Thus, he released a terrifying spiritual soul energy that caused a terrible hurricane around him.

Without even making a move, it seemed that with their combined spiritual soul energies, Dempsey of the Mu Clan, Pearce, and the first successor of the Divine Sect could crush all the members of the Beast Cosmos, including Prince Aldrich.

Participants had gathered around them. They were looking forward to seeing them engage in a fierce fight.

Everyone knew what had happened between Austin and those powerful forces.

Since the members of the Beast Cosmos sided with Austin, they evidently got involved. The participants who were watching thought that it was about time for them to settle their dispute.

In the distance, Austin let out a condescending sneer.

More than a dozen masters of the Earth Immortal Realm and Prince Aldrich from the Beast Cosmos began discussing how to deal with the current situation through their spiritual senses.

"What should we do, Prince Aldrich?

Why don't we just cut our ties from Austin?

After all, he has offended too many powerful forces. He will only get us into more trouble,"

one of the earth immortals advised Prince Aldrich through his spiritual sense.

"Prince Aldrich, I agree with him.

I believe it's a good idea to sever out our ties with Austin," another earth immortal added.

Several earth immortals from the Beast Cosmos had agreed to disassociate from Austin.

Some of them remained silent, and just stared at Prince Aldrich to wait for his decision.

After all, Prince Aldrich had the final say.

He was in a quandary.

It was a tough decision for him to make.

He recalled the things that Austin had done for him and how their friendship had blossomed throughout time.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Dempsey from the Mu Clan.

Dempsey stood still with his hands behind his back. The expression on his face seemed as if he enjoyed watching Prince Aldrich in such a helpless situation. His eyes flashed a murderous look.

The Hunting Cosmos and the Beast Cosmos were hostile to each other.

Since Dempsey was from the Hunting Cosmos, he took much delight in seeing Prince Aldrich in


With Austin's current strength and numerous trump cards, he did not think that the earth immortals and the talented young cultivators from the powerful forces posed a threat to him.

"I'm sorry to get you into this mess, Prince Aldrich,"

Austin said to Prince Aldrich sincerely.

When Austin spoke, an invisible wave of spiritual soul energy spread around him like a spring breeze.

At the next second, all the members of the Beast Cosmos felt the crushing weight on them gradually alleviate. Eventually, all of them felt comfortable.

Prince Aldrich was impressed by Austin's performance. He looked at Austin with awe and admiration.

"You must be teasing me, Mr. Lin.

These guys are stronger than me. I'm no match for them!" Prince Aldrich said, lowering his head in embarrassment.

He clenched his fists tightly and his body trembled slightly.

"Listen to me. They are more powerful than you just because they recently got some treasures and martial arts skills.

Don't be upset.

In fact, you are a match for them in terms of talent.

So don't underestimate yourself,"

Austin comforted Prince Aldrich.

Prince Aldrich's recent doings had earned his trust.

"Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Lin."

Prince Aldrich still looked dispirited.

"I mean it, Prince Aldrich.

Here are five large vessels of spiritual crystal. After you refine them, you will become as strong as they are or even better," Austin said as he teleported five large vessels out of the Slave Tower using his mind.

The giant vessels of crystal floated above the city.

Like five crouching dragons, the five huge vessels were suspended in the bright sky and released an infinite amount of spiritual soul energy.

At that point, all the creatures in the city fixed their eyes on the five vessels of spiritual crystal, and were too shocked to utter a word.

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