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   Chapter 2996 Reaching The Golden Immortal Realm

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In another corner of the city, Pearce, the talented young man of the Tomber race from the Ghostdom, had also finished his training.

A stone monument floated above his head, loud sounds emanating from it.

"Congratulations, young master! You have successfully refined the holy weapon of the spiritual race—the Soul-devouring Stela!"

over a dozen masters from the Ghostdom announced, lauding Pearce.

A hint of pride crept onto Pearce's emotionless face as he heard their congratulations.


Under his control, the stela shook abruptly and dashed into the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor between his eyebrows.

It was now visible from within.

With the Soul-devouring Stela, his Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor was at least a hundred times more powerful than before!

"Young master, I can't believe you even integrated the Soul-devouring Stela with the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor!"

the masters at the Earth Immortal Realm exclaimed, awe written all over their faces.

"It can swallow spiritual souls too, you know. Using that and my Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, I can now probably take all of you on at the same time,"

Pearce said, lifting his chin up smugly.

"Congratulations, young master! You have grown much stronger!"

Thoroughly impressed, the earth immortals bowed to the young man.

Besides him, there were many participants in the city whose powers had also improved a lot.

Those talented cultivators and those earth immortals of the powerful forces had lots of amazing adventures. They had acquired more magic treasures, martial arts techniques or valuable things than other participants had.

In fact, a lot of participants who had passed the first test had a great harvest.

Some had collected a great number of monster internal cores. They consumed all of them and their physical strength had increased sharply.

Some had run into plenty of precious natural resources in that negative world. After they ate them, their physical strength had also increased a lot.

In the second test, many participants had obtained a myriad of spiritual crystals or all kinds of precious natural resources. Some were even able to filch plenty of pills from the members of the spiritual race.

This was what the trials for cultivators were like. It was fraught with dangers but also opportunities.

In fact, the more dangerous it got, the more valuable the rewards.

While this was happening, Austin was taking his people

't facing any danger.

Austin felt so confident with his present level of physical strength and spiritual sense. He wasn't afraid of the Thunderstroke Doom at all.

He even put his hands behind his back and calmly gazed at the oncoming thunderbolts.

"This boy has great potential."

Above the city, a faint figure became visible. It turned out to be a short, thin man.

This man was the guardian of the city.

After the colorful Thunderstroke Doom, numerous kinds of terrifying creatures appeared in the sky and charged at Austin.

These creatures were the embodiment of the laws of nature. Their fighting power was overwhelming.

Austin roared ferociously and flew toward them without hesitation. He intended to fight the living beings with his bare hands.

Austin delivered a punch. That one strike took out a large number of the creatures at once.

"This young man is extraordinarily strong.

I'm guessing he could even match up to masters whose cultivation base is two realms higher than his.

It seems that we have finally found a good seed in all the worlds.

I have a good feeling about this kid.

There's a good chance that he will be chosen as the successor of the gods!"

The thin man was impressed by Austin's performance, and thought highly of him.

Half a day later, Austin finally succeeded in breaking through the Heavenly Doom.

"I can't believe I've broken through three stages and reached the Golden Immortal Realm in one go!"

Austin crowed in happy disbelief.

After breaking through the Heavenly Doom, he had shot up from being a genuine immortal straight to being a golden immortal!

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