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   Chapter 2995 The Return Of The Gods

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On the Earth, many abandoned temples could be found. They had been there lonely all the time since before many now-living cultivators were conceived, as if they were in a deep slumber. However, now they were all emitting a bright glow.

Those temples were located along the edges of cliffs cut out of famous mountains. Up until this point, they had been left ignored because

they were secluded and appeared to be crumbling away.

Even if some people found them by accident, no one had cared to view the inside of them for centuries.

But now, something was about to happen. Inside, broken pieces of mossy statues rose and threw themselves back into their rightful places on the surface of the grand altar. The air around them glowed and rippled with a strong, royal aura. The light was so intense that it didn't take long for the cultivators to notice.

"Do you guys see that? The shrines are giving off light. Is this an omen for the return of the gods?"

"I don't know, but something important is definitely about to happen!"

Within moments, a few figures were flying towards those temples at full speed.

On the Earth, the cultivators had nearly become extinct—spiritual energy was exhausted; resources were in shortage, and the civilization of cultivation was about to disappear.

However, the few remaining were persistent and they fought to keep what was theirs.

These mountains became their homes and they secluded themselves from the outside world.

This was the only way that they could practice. Most of the spiritual energy and Earth Energy had gathered in one place: a hidden cave that was opened up by ancient gods for disciples to learn and improve, barely letting them pass down their generations.

These sects were the last group of cultivators on the Earth.

And their strength had never been able to reach its full potential.

Most of them were equivalent to the Energy Gathering Realm cultivators of the Prime Martial World!

Very rarely, a lucky cultivator would reach the Earth Realm and everyone else would worship at their feet.

And even more insane, if one was found at the Mysterious Realm, he would be regarded as a legendary god.

In the depths of Karakoram Mountain, standing along the edge of a steep cliff, dozens of people were waiting. They stood silently and stared at an old temple in front of them as if they were expecting something to leap out at it and give them further instructions.

The dozens of people all looked special with their unique temperament. By a single glance at them, one would know that they couldn't be just ordinary men.

At that time, the old temple was shining brightly. All these people were staring at it in shock.

"Leader, what's going on?

This Temple of Queen Siobhan has been deserted and forgotten for so long. Why is the abnormal vision happening today?"

a sturdy man asked, lowering his eyebrows in deep thought.

He loo

rlds are going to face another war."

"Actually, as for the question who is upright and who is evil, it's not that easy to draw the line.

Perhaps we went too far back then."

Several disembodied voices began to discuss and none of them sounded hopeful of a good outcome.

"Last time, it took us so long to get all the worlds to settle down and let the countless creatures live and work in peace.

Now, we also won't allow those evil things to come back to stir up trouble again and destroy the peace of all the worlds,"

an authoritative voice said, ending the discussion.

Inside a city of the Primordial Road, a voice rang out abruptly, and it said, "This is it! I've finally refined a large vessel of spiritual crystal!

My spiritual sense force has been advanced the most it ever has!"

Seconds later, a young man wearing beast hide walked out of his secluded cultivation place with high spirits and a satisfied smile on his lips.

A vast amount of spiritual soul energy was released from his head and the space around him twisted and rippled.

The spiritual soul energy that was contained in a large vessel of spiritual crystal had made him appear superhuman.

"Congratulations, young master!"

the earth immortals that were standing in front of him said, bowing respectively.

They knew that if he wanted to, the young master of the Mu Clan could now kill each of them with only one thought.

In the meantime, in another location of the city, someone had burst into laughter suddenly.


I've mastered all of the secret techniques of the spiritual race. Also, I've eaten a few magical pills of the spiritual race.

Now, I can kill ordinary earth immortals using my spiritual soul energy alone!"

The first successor of the Divine Sect, with his hands clasped at his back and his head high, exited the secluded place slowly. Waves of spiritual soul energy as powerful as hurricanes surrounded his body.

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