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   Chapter 2994 Taking Them Back

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The creatures built their path as they moved forward.

Huge flashes of lightning struck now and then as they ventured towards getting out of the area.

It was the Lightning of Chaos and even powerful creatures at the Divine Realm would die for good once they were hit by it.

Now, these creatures were exploring a way out of the Sea of Chaos. There was no doubt that they were incredibly powerful, but they still needed to avoid being struck by lightning at all costs if they wanted to leave the area alive.

They walked slowly but surely until they finally got out of the Sea of Chaos. As they got to the other side, different universes came into their view.

"Ha-ha! We did it. We're outside! These are three thousand big and small worlds that we've heard of,"

the creatures exclaimed cheerfully as they felt overwhelmed with thrill.

"The Divine Crystal Ball made by Lord Hackett is indeed amazing! It was able to lead us straight into these universes,"

one of the creatures said.

"I hear you. Lord Hackett is more capable than we could ever imagine," the other being responded.

The rest of the group all nodded in agreement.

As they mentioned and heard of Lord Hackett's name, each of them held a strong expression of respect on their faces.

The creatures stood on space with runes flashing on the surface of their bodies, basking them with terrifyingly strong auras.

"Finally, the three thousand big and small worlds.

Rumor has it that these worlds have declined. There are no gods there anymore and the laws are incomplete.

By the looks of it, the rumors must be true.

Besides, I can feel that the creatures in these universes are weak.

Why don't we just go and raze these universes to ashes?

That way, we might earn praises from Lord Hackett," a young creature suggested.

His bright eyes penetrated through the void and focused on the worlds in front of him, eager to start a fight anytime.

The young creature held a fascinating halberd in his hand. It was as red as blood and surrounded by powerful runes.

"You're being childish! Don't act like that!"

an old creature reprimanded him.

He was boney with golden ski

e, they would be able to reach their destination.

"That was close! I finally got out of there," Austin said with relief while catching his breath.

He was enveloped by the teleportation force. Though he had no idea where the force would be taking him to, he just knew that he would come to a safer place.

A moment later, he felt his feet touch the ground.

As he took a look around, he found himself in an unfamiliar city.

On the Primordial Road, there were many special cities for the participants where they could rest properly between different trials.

Austin teleported all his companions out of the Slave Tower.

"Master, we have finally passed the second trial!"

Violet joyfully exclaimed.

Austin had also taken all of his slaves here.

More than ten thousand of them were actually from the spiritual race.

Another bulk of the slaves were participants who were mainly disciples and earth immortals from the four major forces.

Of course, Austin had helped them all to get enough points so that they could pass the trial.

"Let's look for a place to take a break,"

Austin said as he gestured at his companions to follow him.

At the same time, in the ancient universe called the Yellow Cosmos, a beautiful blue planet with lots of living creatures could be found, and it was commonly known as Earth.

Several dozens of temples stood on it.

One day, all these temples unexpectedly lit up at the same time.

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