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   Chapter 2993 The Sea Of Chaos

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"He's the legendary Spiritual Ancestor of the spiritual race, the strongest person in this universe!"

Looking at the huge gray figure that occupied the entire space, Austin froze in fear.

An overbearing spiritual soul power immobilized the entire place.

Time and space stood still, and all living beings felt rooted in place.

The Spiritual Ancestor's strength was so immense that everything in this universe was under his control. He could destroy anything at will even without making a move.

"Brat, this isn't looking good.

This Spiritual Ancestor can control the law of nature with his mind. He is probably stronger than Divine Realm masters out there,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot warned Austin.

"Hand over the spiritual tree and the spiritual dragon," the Spiritual Ancestor intoned, staring at Austin.

The ancestor's eyes blazed, larger than suns.

Without waiting for Austin's response, he reached down his colossal hand to grab Austin.

The hand contained energy immense enough to crush anything in its way.

Austin knew he was no match even though he possessed the spiritual dragon and the spiritual tree.

He wasn't quite sure it would make a difference in the face of an opponent more powerful than a master at the Divine Realm.

Austin could only brace himself as the Spiritual Ancestor's hand bore down on him.

"Humph! How dare you show off like this? You are not a real god and will never be.

Don't you dare lay a hand on our talented young cultivators!"

A calm voice broke the stillness, and then a middle-aged man clad in white clothes, glowing with a golden light, emerged from thin air. He reached Austin in one step and posted himself in front of him.

"The spiritual tree is the holy tree of our race. We can't let it fall into the hands of an outsider.

I have to get it back,"

the Spiritual Ancestor snarled at the middle-aged man, his face contorting in rage.

"Precious natural resources don't belong to anyone. He found the spiritual tree, so it is his to keep.

Don't you feel ashamed to take things from a young man like this? It's ironic you're so convinced you are doing the right thing. I think you should stop making a fool of yourself,"

the middle-aged man retorted with a mocking smile.

"Don't you dare taunt me! You are testing my patience.

Keep crossing me and I will destroy this universe which you turned into your training field!"

the Spiritual Ancestor roared, growing livid.

The middle-aged man was unfazed by the threat. Instead, he burst into laughter. "So many of your loyal followers and descendants are here. If you destroy this universe, all of the


The three thousand big worlds and the three thousand small worlds will all vanish.

You think you represent justice? Hah! When that day comes, it is you who will tremble.

When the new universes are made, it will be your doomsday!"

The roars of the Spiritual Ancestor echoed throughout the universe.

The middle-aged man let out a barking laugh. "You think Hackett can create new universes?

How naive!

If Hackett really returns, Parker will not just sit by and do nothing. He will come back from the Sea of Chaos, too.

A war will break out!

And it is us who will triumph over all those evil gods!"

the middle-aged man in white scoffed.

The clash between the two powerful beings went on for half a day. They were evenly matched.

But neither of them had deployed their trump cards yet.

At last, the Spiritual Ancestor snorted and vanished into thin air.

All the members of the spiritual race dispersed along with him.

"Will an epic war between gods like the one in ancient times break out again?

Why does history always repeat itself?

Will Parker really come back from the Sea of Chaos when that day comes?"

the middle-aged man mused aloud to himself, staring into the distance deep in thought.

Meanwhile, a disturbance was brewing in the area outside the three thousand big worlds and three thousand small worlds.

A deep darkness enveloped the entire area, the sky and the earth indistinct from each other.

It was a place of nothingness.

This was the Sea of Chaos.

Every universe was born in it.

Each universe floated in the Sea of Chaos.

But just now, a loud rumble was coming out from the deepest part of the sea.

Unknown beings were making a path.

And they numbered to about a dozen.

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