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   Chapter 2991 The Spiritual Ancestor Appeared (Part One)

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"What? This can't be right! What's going on?

Is there any possibility that we got the wrong message?

Go and send our best hands to look into this right away! And make sure that you don't miss anything!"

All the aristocrats had received the news from their subordinates, but it was hard for them to believe or even to imagine it.

"Sir, from what we have confirmed, there were two hundred spiritual capitals that have been robbed. The astonishing part is that the large vessel of spiritual crystals under each of these capitals had gone missing. Naturally, the spiritual crystals have been all taken away. That was what they wanted!"

Soon, more shocking news was fed back to all the aristocrats.

"This is not a small matter. If it goes on like this, our spiritual race will be in great trouble! It's a matter of survival!"

None of them was able to just sit aside and wait. All the aristocrats who received the news decided to do something about it and give a hand. They went out to personally investigate on the matter.

Even the elders who had been in seclusion for a very long time were shocked and went out from their remote comfort zones.

In a flash, when they were least expecting it, the whole universe was in a tumultuous state.

"Breaking news! The number of spiritual capitals that have been robbed has officially reached 300!"

They hadn't even recovered from the previous shock when another disheartening news spread quickly. It had really come to the worst.

"Oh, my God!

This is the biggest tragedy ever, in our history, the worst since the existence of this universe!"

It was a heavy blow to every member of the spiritual race.

"What a curse these cultivators are!"

"Let's go. We're going to kill them all! All of us! With everything that we've got! They deserve nothing but death!"

Nearly every single spiritual race member was filled with righteou

his head.

The spiritual dragon knew what to do even without Austin's orders. It took a dive towards the planet at an astonishing speed.

This whole time, Austin had robbed a total of more than 300 spiritual capitals, and he got an amazing harvest.

At the same time, Austin asked the spiritual dragon and the spiritual tree to keep refining and absorbing the energy inside the vessels of spiritual crystal that they have gotten, non-stop.

Because of this, the power of both the tree and the dragon had been constantly growing.

Naturally, the spiritual dragon had grown much stronger than its old self.

If they got the chance to meet the aristocrat they had met before, it would be another totally different story. The dragon could just pounce on him and swallow him in one bite instead of getting in a tedious fighting with him.

The spiritual tree had also improved its strength to an astonishing level.

Consequently, Austin's spiritual sense also terrifyingly advanced.

Because of the ceaseless enhancement of all their strengths, it had become much easier for them to rob a spiritual capital.

"Morse, please try to search your memory. Let's figure out how many spiritual capitals there are in the star clusters nearby and where they are.

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