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   Chapter 2990 Ransack The Spiritual Capitals

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"Oh, no. I don't want to die like this."

The aristocrat inhaled a trembling breath, icy cold sweat accumulating on his skin.

His fate was sealed since he couldn't resist the simultaneous attacks from the spiritual dragon, the spiritual tree, and the Eyes of the Ghostdom Ancestor of Austin and Darby. His spiritual soul died as soon as his final words left his lips.

The dead aristocrat laid on the floor on his back, and the spiritual dragon dashed forward and swallowed his corpse in one fell swoop.


An illusory number fell from the sky and rushed into Austin's jade token.

'Fifty thousand, ' it read.

The death of the aristocrat was worth fifty thousand points.

Tracking down the members of the spiritual race was a daunting task to do since each of them was sneaky and had a significant number of slaves under their control. Slaying them was not an easy mission.

Therefore, the participants only need two thousand points to pass the test.

"Master, I can't believe you took down an aristocrat!

That's so impressive!" Morse clapped his hands together.

He knew that Austin was a powerful individual, but he never knew he was this compelling. Watching him take down the aristocrat made him bewildered.

"This spiritual dragon is indeed an amazing treasure!"

Austin commended, delighted with the spiritual dragon's powers.

He had benefited a lot from refining the dragon.

"Huh? Something's off. I can't seem to sense our lord."

"What's going on?! I have a hunch that something has happened to our lord!"

"Has our lord fallen?"

In the distance, the members of the spiritual race who worked for the dead aristocrat felt something was wrong since they couldn't perceive their lord. They freaked out.

"Don't worry. Our lord is practically invincible. No one can hurt him.

It's impossible that a mere human weakling could take his life.

You worry too much.

I guess our lord is preparing for some secret skills of our race in a bid to take that human weakling in one move! That's why he concealed his aura and we couldn't feel him."

Several members of the spiritual race whom the aristocrat had trusted the most stood out and tried to reassure their panic-stricken companions.

For them, there was no one from the human race formidable enough to take their lord down. It was not feasible that he would die in the hands of a human.

Austin swept his gaze through the spirits nearby.

Then, using his mind, Austin transported his companions out of the Slave Tower, including the Heavenly Majestic Pot and Violet.

"There are at least a hundred thousand members of the spiritual race over there. If you slay them, you will get enough points to pass the test.

You don't have to worry about anything. The spiritual dragon and the spiritual tree will protect you,"

Austin reassured their safety.

Trusting Austin's words, his companions attacked the horde of spirits.

"Come on, guys. Le

h points. If things go south, we can leave this universe,"

Austin reassured as he faintly smiled.

With Morse leading the way, Austin began to assault the spiritual capitals and stole the vessels of spiritual crystal under them.

Each spiritual capital was under the control of the aristocrats or their family members in the spiritual race. Austin had no trouble dealing with them though.

Everything went as smoothly as Austin intended. A couple of days later, he had acquired more and more huge vessels of spiritual crystal. The amount of spiritual crystal they amassed was incalculable.

At the same time, other strong participants also had a great harvest in the universe.

Dempsey of the Mu Clan threw his head back and laughed loudly.

"I finally found a huge vessel of spiritual crystal.

After I finish refining it, my spiritual sense will be incredibly strong!" he gushed.

"Congratulations, young master!"

His Earth Immortal Realm bodyguards commended his skill.

"Oh my gosh!

Can you believe this? I ran into a cave of a spiritual race master who lived in ancient times.

All the precious natural resources, high-grade pills, high-grade magic treasures and secret skills owned by that master will be mine!"

Standing in front of an old cave, the first successor of the Divine Sect burst into laughter.

"This is the Soul-devouring Stela, the holy weapon of the spiritual sense. It went missing a long time ago.

I didn't expect to get this stela by chance. With it, my spiritual sense will be outrageously powerful!"

The talented young man of the Tomber race, Pearce, stared at an old stela in front of him, trembling with excitement.

Besides them, other participants had their own adventures and harvest.

"Bad news. I heard over one hundred and fifty spiritual capitals have been ransacked just now!"

In the universe, many aristocrats who were in the middle of their training received reports from their subordinates.

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