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   Chapter 2989 Getting Rid Of The Nobleman

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 10755

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In a star cluster near the edge of the universe, numerous spirits and their slaves gathered, occupying almost the entire surface area available.

This was not surprising, all things considered.

The spiritual dragon, after all, was extremely dear to that nobleman.

He considered it the pinnacle accomplishment of his life.

Naturally, he would rally all of his strongest men to get it back, and here they were now, practically blocking the whole star cluster.

They settled in and made themselves comfortable. Then the nobleman set off to stalk his prey.

Meanwhile, on a secluded part of the star cluster, Austin sat cross-legged and silent, cultivating in peace.

The air around him stirred in a sudden disturbance.

With his eyes closed, he didn't see a large gray shadow skulking in the vast, deserted sky. The nobleman was approaching him.

The shadow stopped just in front of Austin, looming and crowding up his space.

"Hey boy," he sneered, "stop hiding and come out."

Austin opened his eyes immediately and stood up in a single sharp motion.

Morse and Darby stood at attention. They had been silently guarding Austin all this time, while Violet and the others were back in the Slave Tower, each cultivating in seclusion.

Austin had equally distributed the many spiritual crystals he had amassed earlier, and instructed them to improve their spiritual souls as soon as possible.

"Master, you've finally finished your cultivation!"

Morse was particularly excited.

"Master, have you refined the spiritual dragon? Have you?"

"Yes," Austin calmly replied as he stepped out of the tiny enclosed space he was occupying. "Let's go and have a look at it."

He cast a brief glance on the sky, where the huge gray shadow was slowly dissipating, before leading the way.

Morse and Darby promptly followed him.

They teleported back to the clearing, and found themselves surrounded by the nobleman's troops.

"So it is you who stole my spiritual dragon!" The nobleman's eyes were burning with murderous intent, locked on Austin.

Austin, on the other hand, only looked around him undaunted.

"Yes, I did take that beast and refined it," he replied casually.

This being the case, Austin had acquired many advantages.

With the significant leap in his spiritual soul energy levels, he was quite confident that he could defeat this nobleman from the spiritual race. The nobleman snorted, "Ha! You expect me to believe that you're telling the truth?

It is no small feat to refine the spiritual dragon, especially for someone like you, given your cultivation base!"

But then his mocking tone turned somber once he had a sense of Austin's spiritual soul energy.

"Well, what do we have here? It seems like you have a rather extraordinary treasure in your possession."

As he was trying to wrap his head around this discovery, another thought crossed his mind.

His indignation turned to delight. He could take full advantage of this situation he was thrust upon.

"This is excellent! So what if you have the spiritual dragon now? It wouldn't matter soon enough.

I will be taking back what is mine, along with all the other priceless items you have."

He f

e might wake the real powerful one. Rumored to possess an even more terrifying strength than anyone currently in existence, he lies hidden and asleep.

If that one is awoken, it wouldn't be just me, but the rest of the participants who will have to deal with the consequences.'

As a matter of fact, in the violent battle just now, he could feel more than one powerful spiritual sense thrumming from different corners of the universe.

It was safe to assume that the bearers of these spiritual senses were none other than the other nobles from the spiritual race.

Just as he was getting back on his feet, the nobleman's voice rang out again.

"Here, brat, have a taste of the inherited secret method of our race, the Puppet Strings!" This was followed by wild and cruel laughter, and then...


Thick crimson ropes darted towards Austin in a heavy downpour, penetrating his mind and trespassing into his Soul Sea.

The strings thrashed around, as if searching for something, before lunging at Austin's spiritual soul.

Before the ropes could tangle themselves around it, the spiritual tree appeared, blocking their path with its massive trunk.

Then the spiritual dragon roared and pounced on the strings, devouring them all at once.

At that same moment, Austin and Darby simultaneously opened the Eyes of the Ghostdom Ancestor, and charged at the nobleman.

Before they could even reach him, the spiritual dragon shot out of Austin's Soul Sea and swiftly outran them. It made a beeline for the nobleman.

"Die!" Austin cried, launching his fiercest attack yet. He had the combined strengths of the spiritual dragon, the spiritual tree, and two Eyes of the Ghostdom Ancestor. His power engulfed the enemy.

When the energy of his attack fizzled out to its last sparks, it was greeted by the sight of the nobleman's body crumpled on the ground, bloody wounds and marks running along his limbs.

Austin came closer and watched as the nobleman struggled to breathe.

"Die!" And with that, the spiritual dragon and the spiritual tree moved forth into the dying man's Soul Sea, and shattered his spiritual soul.

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