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   Chapter 2988 Under Siege

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By this time, Austin was already thousands of miles away from the star where he had acquired the spiritual dragon. Standing on the head of the dragon, he looked around and found a nearby abandoned star cluster that was on the verge of the universe.

"Let's stop here. It's a perfect place to conduct my training."

Austin then ordered the spiritual dragon to enter the star cluster.

According to Morse, Austin had been able to fully control the spiritual dragon, but he needed to refine it further.

The moment that he successfully refined the spiritual dragon, it would be integrated into his spiritual soul energy.

By that time, his spiritual soul energy would increase sharply and he could then use the spiritual dragon to its maximum potential.

In addition to refining the spiritual dragon, Austin also planned to hone the Puppet Strings and learn the other secrets skills possessed by the spiritual race.

Since Morse was an exceptional master of the spiritual race and had mastered several powerful secret techniques of their race, Austin thought that he would be a suitable teacher.

Regarding the second trial in the Primordial Road, Austin believed that he could delay the hunting of members of the spiritual race until he managed to refine the spiritual dragon. Once he managed to refine it, slaying enough spirits to pass the test would only be a piece of cake.

As Austin found a nice and quiet place in the deserted star cluster, he got into the Space Ship and asked the Heavenly Majestic Pot to set up the Track-hiding Array to make the ship invisible and to prevent others from finding the ship through the spiritual sense.

The gnome also performed the Space-isolating Skill to cut off the space where the ship was from its surroundings.

Just to be safe, Austin even asked Darby to perform an inherited secret skill of the Tomber race using the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor. This technique would enable him to stop others from detecting the space where Austin was through their spiritual senses.

With the spiritual law that further weakened the effects and powers of these skills, it would be almost impossible for outsiders to search for Austin.

Austin started his training and began to refine the spiritual dragon.

Since Austin was controlling the spiritual dragon through the spiritual tree, the refining process would not take a lot of time.

Hundreds of millions of miles away, the planet where Austin had escaped fro

r all, the universe was a very risky place. There was always a high chance of bumping into powerful masters of the spiritual race that would put them in great danger.

At last, the day came when the aristocrat opened his eyes after meditating for a long while.

"Ha-ha! I finally found the sneaky mouse!

So a human brat with a low cultivation base was the one responsible for all this?!

However, this human boy seems to have a priceless treasure related to the spiritual soul.

I think this treasure would be very useful to me.

If I can get a hold of it, I might rise and defeat all the other aristocrats in the universe! When that happens, I would climb up high and be the second strongest next to our supreme grandmaster.

Ha-ha! This is a blessing in disguise!

Now, I'm going to take back the spiritual dragon.

Plus, I will also take the priceless treasures possessed by that human brat!"

the aristocrat shouted in excitement.

The human-like miniatures he created emerged from the void and returned to his head to become a part of his spiritual soul energy.

He quickly stood up and wasted no time—he rushed towards the edge of the universe.

As he darted towards Austin's location, he ordered all his subordinates through his mind to set out and secretly follow him to his destination.

The following day, the star cluster where Austin was hiding had been completely surrounded by countless members of the spiritual race and their slaves.

"Master! I have bad news!

We're under siege! The spirits are here headed by a mighty aristocrat!"

Morse reported to Austin the second he noticed their enemies.

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