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   Chapter 2986 Another Batch Of Slaves

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"Just as I've expected! How could it be possible for a young human to take the spiritual dragon?

I believe all of this is just a huge misunderstanding.

This human brat is exasperating, and yet his strength is only subpar. It would be useless to take him as our slave.

How about we kill him directly? What do you think?"

The governor smiled at this honorable counselor. At the same time, he looked at Austin disdainfully.

In his eyes, Austin was just a cultivator at the Genuine Immortal Realm that he could kill in a blink of an eye.

"Ha-ha, that's a good idea!

That Austin is a little rascal! He deserves the most miserable death!

He is arrogant, vile, and murderous. He has offended the four major sects of the martial worlds over and over again, and had brought too many troubles for us. I never expected him to die at the hands of an alien race."

"You're right. Although I cannot kill Austin myself, I am quite satisfied with what he's going to suffer."

"Austin deserves everything you will inflict on him. He is abominable!"

The participants of the trial, especially the cultivators from the Mu Clan and the three other major forces, burst into fits of boisterous laughter.

Almost everyone believed that Austin had been controlled by Morse, the loyal follower of the governor of this spiritual capital.

"See? A lot of people want to see you die,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot said with a smiling face.

"Yes, but I'm not surprised,"

Austin replied with a wry smile.

"Morse, what do you think? Should we kill this little brat?"

the governor was getting a little impatient.

He trusted Morse with his life, and had listened to the latter's advice all the time. After all, Morse was one of his father's former confidants.

However, no matter what the governor said, Morse just stood by Austin's side in silence. He hung his hands down in a respectful manner, and stared at the governor blankly. Nobody knew what was going on in his mind.

The governor's words enraged Austin. He sneered as he closed his eyes to concentrate on his energy. Then, all of a sudden, he launched the spiritual dragon! The mighty beast opened its huge mouth and sucked all the air like a terrible hurricane.

Pitiful howls filled the space simultaneously.

Everyone from the spiritual race, as if tied to and strung by unseen threads, were pulled and siphoned into the spiritual dragon's massive mouth.

The powerful spiritual soul emitted by the spiritual dragon made all the spiritual beings tremble in fear. All of them immediately prostrated on the ground fearfully. An utmost impulse from the depth of their souls urged them to surrender in front of the colossal spiritual

al, but there is not a sign of it.

Austin, you came here earlier than us. Tell us, did you take the vessel of spiritual crystal? Is that why things are so weird around here?"

"Austin, come over! You must answer our questions!"

The cultivators, especially the young talented disciples of the major forces and the earth immortals, shouted at Austin with extreme anger.


Austin smirked at their remarks. He glanced at the cultivators with his heart filled with murderous will.

"Austin, you are such an arrogant and domineering asshole. How many times have you provoked our sects, huh? Today, let's settle the grudge between us. All your debts must be paid by your blood!"

"Yes, we should not waste time talking nonsense with him. Let's go and kill him now!"

All the cultivators gathered and circled around Austin.

All of them believed that Austin had obtained the large vessel of spiritual crystal underground, and that he had mastered the secret method to control the spiritual race. Everyone was driven by avarice. They wanted to capture Austin and take everything they desired from him.

Suddenly, a piercing yell echoed the whole space.

The spiritual dragon arose and raised its head. Countless waves of spiritual soul energy erupted in an instant and rushed towards the cultivators like a strong and rapid current.

"What the hell! That dragon is so terrible!"

Most of the cultivators whirled and lost their balance from looking at the gargantuan spiritual dragon.

"I don't mind harvesting another batch of slaves. You are all welcome to join my family!"

Under Austin's command, the tall spiritual tree shook violently. About five thousand red strings instantly shot out from the trunk of the tree, and sprinted towards the cultivators in all directions.

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