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   Chapter 2985 The Master From The Spiritual Race

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What the spiritual dragon did next only proved what the master of the spiritual race had said to be true.

The dragon was rather fond of the spiritual tree, and held it in deep regard. It did not dodge the roots that were coming at it.

On the contrary, it welcomed them, and granted them access to its mind. The spiritual tree rooted itself on the dragon's head, and from afar, an observer got the illusion that tree and dragon were one creature.

'This is amazing!' Austin was delighted at this sudden turn of events.

He had sensed earlier as the spiritual dragon gradually lost its will to fight.

It was clearly tamed by the spiritual tree.

'Looks like this tree has many uses that I have yet to know of. No wonder it is considered the holy tree of their spiritual race; it managed to subdue the dragon in a heartbeat!'

"Damn you!"

It was the master from the spiritual race, and he was directing his curses at Austin.

"Hey, human boy! This spiritual dragon is a private property of my master, who is a distinguished aristocrat.

I advise you to not even think of messing with him.

Surrender that beast to me! That spiritual tree, as well!

You know very well that it is considered holy by my race.

You are nothing but a mere outsider; you have no right to claim it for yourself!"

"What did you just say?" Austin chuckled with disbelief.

"You are demanding not only for the spiritual dragon, but for my spiritual tree as well?

Have you perhaps lost your damn mind?"

"You human bastard, do you want to die that badly?!" the master yelled back with fury.

He lunged for Austin at full speed, releasing enormous amounts of spiritual soul energy as he went.

As he drew closer, Austin was assaulted by what felt like several steel plates crushing him from all directions.

He was a little daunted by this.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Crimson ropes, each as thick as an average human arm, darted from behind the master's head and lurched towards Austin.

There were dozens of them, and they were coming at him with swift accuracy.

The master from the spiritual race was using the Puppet Strings technique.

He was quite adept at it, too, since only those who were incredible at this attack could create this many thick and powerful strings at any given time.

Austin realized this, too.

This master was not an easy opponent to defeat.

Compared to him, the people from the spiritual race that Austin somehow enslaved were significantly weaker.

In the next instant, however, the spiritual tree shook free from the beast and flitted towards Austin.

The spiritual dragon then threw its head back and let out a menacing growl.

It moved forward and devoured the massive ropes that were coming at Austin. When it was done, it even flicked out its tongue to lick the corners of its mouth, as if wanting more.

"Damn it all!" The master was

tree was once again deeply rooted on the dragon's head.

This meant that the dragon now belonged to him, and he could take full advantage of the beast's energy at will.

"Congratulations, master!" Lange piped up, obviously trying to curry favor.

"Now that you have tamed this spiritual dragon, even the great masters from our race are no match against you!"

The rest of Austin's slaves followed suit, singing his praises.

It was then that the governor and his people barged in.

"Morse!" the governor hollered.

"Where is this human brat who dared to take our treasure?" When he spotted the man he was looking for, he paused.

"Hang on. Why are you standing next to him?" He took a moment to assess the scene in front of him, but before anyone could say a word, he was speaking again.

"I get it! You must have put this boy under your control. Ha-ha! I expected no less!

You really are good! Look how you've managed to make him your slave!

These damn participants all possess rune papers, which enable them to deflect the effects of the Puppet Strings.

I can't believe you've outsmarted them. Well done!" The governor then gave a merry, full-bellied laugh.

He was still chortling softly when the horde of trial participants entered the scene. Unlike the others, though, they were fully familiar with the human brat standing before them.

Their prattle immediately filled the room.

"What's happening now?""Isn't that Austin Lin?""Why is he with the members of the spiritual race?"

All of a sudden another loud laughter, this one laced with malice, cut through the noise.

It was from one of the trial participants, and he was looking at Austin with loathing.

"This is great, isn't it, Austin? Never in a million years did I expect for you to end up like this. This is possibly the best day I've ever had!"

Then he shot Austin with a murderous glare, and proclaimed, "You deserve this."

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