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   Chapter 2984 The Spiritual Tree And The Spiritual Dragon

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"There is nothing to worry about.

The spiritual dragon has grown up to be incredibly powerful. Those participants have no chance to approach it, let alone steal it!

Moreover, my father's trusted subordinate, Morse is keeping an eye on it. No one can take the spiritual dragon away from us!"

the governor of the spiritual capital said coldly.

"The spiritual dragon is my father's lifetime work. It is very important; thus, we cannot let anything happen to it.

Send a word to my father about this immediately.

Don't let anyone else know about this. The spiritual dragon is my father's secret weapon on his plans to dominate the universe. If any noble clan knew about the dragon's existence, they will do everything in their power to steal it,"

the governor ordered his trusted subordinate sternly through his spiritual sense.

'My father has invested a lot of his time and effort in the spiritual dragon. Through his hard work, the huge vessel of spiritual crystal under the city has finally evolved into a spiritual dragon.

If word gets out that we have such a formidable beast, it would definitely cause a ruckus in the entire spiritual race.

After all, the odds to successfully cultivate a spiritual dragon is very low. Therefore, it is a very rare creature.

This dragon is our only hope. I will not let anyone take it, ' the governor thought.

His henchman immediately left the battlefield. At full speed, he ran towards the altar and sent a message to the governor's father.

"Sir, how are things in the underground?

Has there been a participant who tried to sneak in and steal the spiritual dragon?"

Through his spiritual sense, the governor asked Morse who was below the ground.

"A participant attempts to infiltrate the underworld, but I am able to finish him in no time. You can rest assured that everything is well, young master.

He does not know who he's dealing with. I bet he could not even bear the power of the spiritual dragon.

This nobody is digging his own grave,"

a figure hiding in the dark under the spiritual capital replied.

"That's good to hear.

Do take care of the spiritual dragon."

The governor was relived upon hearing Morse's update.

"Humph, all of you rascals must die!"

the governor declared as his cold eyes swept over the participants around him.

As soon as those words left his lips, an enormous amount of spiritual soul energy emerged from his head.

The energy formed waves that were hundreds of thousands of feet tall, and instantly engulfed the participants near the governor.

Moreover, he released hundreds of thousands of b

of Austin and cackled.

"You brat! Where do you think you're going?"

"A master from the spiritual race!"

Austin's eyes narrowed.

Judging by the aura he released, Austin felt that he was a strong spirit.

It was already difficult to deal with a spiritual dragon, but now a master of the spiritual race had come face to face with him. Austin knew that there was no hope for him to get the spiritual dragon.

Without hesitation, Austin turned around and ran away as fast as he could.

"Spiritual dragon, kill this human brat!"

the master from the spiritual race shouted.

With a deafening roar, the spiritual dragon dashed forward.

In just a few seconds, it had caught up with Austin and unleashed a monstrous spiritual soul energy that enveloped him and slowed him down.

Then the spiritual dragon suddenly opened its giant mouth and sprung on Austin in an attempt to swallow him whole!

'I'm screwed!'

Austin thought, scared and frustrated.

As he was resigning to his fate, the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea shook violently and sprinted out of his head.

Austin stared at the spiritual tree in confusion.

While he gazed at it, the tree rushed towards the spiritual dragon, and shot its roots towards the massive beast's head.

When the spiritual dragon saw the spiritual tree, it was bewildered at first. But then, it became obedient in an instant!

The master from the spiritual race was appalled at the sight of the spiritual tree. "How could it be possible? I can't believe it is the spiritual tree, the holy tree of our spiritual race!

This is not good.

Legend has it that the spiritual tree is enamored by the spiritual dragon, and it could willingly condemn it into servitude!"

he yelled in panic.

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