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   Chapter 2982 Let's Go Mining

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"It's very likely!"

It looks like we are not the only ones who are interested in the vessel of spiritual crystal here. The major forces also have eyes set on it. Things are going to get interesting, now!"

said the Heavenly Majestic Pot with an excited grin.

"It does seem like it."

Austin nodded.

This had not come as a surprise. After all, the vessel of spiritual crystal under the spiritual capital was a great resource, great enough for anyone to want it.

It was obvious that a large vessel like that would contain countless spiritual crystals in it. The sheer idea of the number of crystals contained within it was exhilarating.

Due to the advantage of this crystal in spiritual sense power cultivation, people were dying to stuff as many as they could into their pocket.

"Let's wait and see what these major forces are going to do next.

I believe they are too impatient to stick around waiting. They won't throw it away.

We must keep our eyes closely on them. Let me know if anything happens,"

Austin said.

"I will!"

Lange replied immediately.

In the following hours, Austin needed to continue his cultivation in seclusion.

During the same time, important events were unfolding in the spiritual capital.

Something was brewing inside a doom palace located in the center of the capital.

A man in white sat upright on the high chair at the end of the hall.

"How's the investigation proceeding?

Have you found any clues leading to our missing people?"

The man in white asked, slowly focusing his eyes on the person standing several meters in front of him.

"Sir, I suspect that some cultivators from the positive world have snuck into the spiritual capital.

I'm afraid that it is possible that our missing people have been killed by those cultivators in dark."

A middle-aged man, who looked like a butler, reported to the man in white with a bow. It was hard to make out whether this was an act of respect or fear.

"Actually, I received an order from my father a few days ago. He had warned me to be careful about those cultivators.

But I didn't take it seriously, because I didn't expect that they would dare set their feet on my territory.

Well, I'm going to have to capture some of these cultivators. After that, I'll just take them to my father myself. I believe that he will award me for my merit!

Listen up! From now on, close the borders of the entire capital. Lead out soldiers to search for the cultivators from the positive world! Don't spare any effort!"

the man in white said with conviction as he leaned forward.

Without further delay, an extensive manhunt began to unfold in the capital along the orders of the man in white.

The six major generals immediately took part in the manhunt personally. They led large groups of soldiers to patrol the city. Sentries were set up in every street and alleyway to interrogate and examine every passer-by closely.

But this was not all. Official notices were posted all over the city informing the citizens


Then Austin realized that he could successfully subdue Lange and make him his salve, all because Lange was nothing but a weak one among his kind.

It wouldn't have been so easy for Austin to get him under his own control if Lange was a strong master.

"Watch out! This guy's spiritual sense is beyond our imagination!

Let's band together and kill him!"

Those cultivators decided to launch another round of attacks, despite the shock they had undergone just moments before.

"I will block him from the front!"

Pearce, the genius of the Tomber race, stepped forward. The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor opened wide in between his eyebrows, and thick black light shot out. Along with the black light, dark runes rose up and shrouded the man in white.

"You're from the Tomber race. Oh, I've heard about your race. Let me see how your Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor works," the man in white remarked with a sneer.

With an empty smile on his face, he opened his mouth wide and spat out a dark red net, which grew in the wind and came to envelop Pearce.

"Master, the net that the man threw out is a magic weapon of our race, called the Soul-subduing Net. Only the top masters of our race can refine it and its power is magnificent!"

Lange communicated to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Let's move now! Go and finish all these intruders!"

the man in white shouted angrily. It seemed like he was done playing games.

Behind him, a large number of guards dashed out to attack the cultivators from the positive world. There were already many of them, but guards kept rushing out.

All of these people belonged to the spiritual race. All of them also had a strong fighting power. They could summon all kinds of powerful spiritual soul attacks. For a moment, the two sides were locked in fierce combat.

"Master, what should we do?"

Lange asked Austin for his advice.

"Let them fight. Let's go mining!"

Austin then left the city center secretly with Lange, away from the ongoing combat.

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