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   Chapter 2981 Proceedings In The Spiritual Capital

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Moments later, a fat middle-aged man followed Lange into Austin's room.

The middle-aged man, who was the owner of the inn, was a member of the spiritual race.

"You said you have a powerful slave on sale. Which one of these is it?" the innkeeper spoke frankly.

As soon as he entered the small unpainted room, he began to study the creatures inside it.

The slave business was a perennial industry in the spirit world, especially in the spiritual capitals.

So when the innkeeper heard that Lange was offering a strong slave for a reduced price, he immediately went to take a look without suspicion.

"That guy. He's a human being,"

Lange said as he pointed at Austin.

"Huh? Him?

I don't see anything special about this human."

The middle-aged man walked forward to examine Austin more carefully.

"Master, now! Finish him!"

Lange said to Austin through his spiritual sense.

Austin readied himself as the innkeeper got closer. When he was at arm's length, Austin punched the middle-aged man in the stomach.

The man was caught off-guard, and immediately got smashed into pieces with Austin's powerful strike.

The Heavenly Majestic Pot had already set up the Track-hiding Array in the room in order to conceal what was happening inside. Moreover, the gnome had launched the Space-isolating Skill to prevent other people outside the room from hearing any noise.

Therefore, as long as they tamed the innkeeper's spirit quickly, no one would surely notice them.

While taming him, a grey figure suddenly emerged from his flesh.

"You are digging your own grave!" the murky shadow roared ferociously.

A tremendous amount of spiritual soul energy had gushed out from his body the second he stopped talking.

The spiritual soul energy spread around the room and attacked Austin and his slaves.

"Master, be careful. This guy is so much stronger than us!"

the fourteen spirits warned Austin.

"The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor!" Austin shouted.

The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor suddenly appeared between his eyebrows and opened. It stared blankly at the grey apparition, which was evidently the spirit who controlled the innkeeper.

At that time, Austin had already teleported Dar


In the meantime, Austin had been cultivating in seclusion during the past few days. He was focused on utilizing the spiritual tree in order to practice the Puppet Strings.

After five days, he was able to form four thousand puppet strings.

His talent in this skill even surprised Lange.

Austin then stopped his training and summoned Lange.

"Lange, how are the people that I asked you to keep an eye on?" Austin asked.

Before he started his training, Austin had ordered Lange to send his men to keep tabs on the other participants.

"Master, the participants are still here in the spiritual capital, and they are continuously hunting down the spirits secretly.

In the past few days, a lot of spirits had died mercilessly at their hands.

This had caught the attention of the governor.

The governor has already asked his men to investigate those missing spirits,"

Lange replied.

The governor was the most powerful spirit in the spiritual capital. He was also said to be an aristocrat's favorite son.

"They're also here for the test, and the only way to pass it is to kill spirits, so it's not surprising at all that they sneaked into the city to slay spirits,"

Austin responded.

"Master, I also found out that some of these participants have been observing the underground area in the city,"

Lange added.

"Are you sure? Is it possible that they are after the vessel of spiritual crystal in the city?"

Austin exclaimed in surprise.

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