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   Chapter 2980 A Plot

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"Master, let's first find an inn where we can stay,"

Lange whispered to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Okay, let's do that,"

Austin agreed.

Lange, along with other thirteen spiritual beings, walked through the streets with a large number of slaves behind them. As if this was just a normal sight, this didn't arouse attention from anybody else.

The busy street was crowded with people. It turned out that most of them were slaves controlled by the spiritual race.

However, none of the members of the spiritual race appeared on the streets in their original form.

Even Lange and other spirits had entered the Soul Seas of the slaves, taking over of their physical bodies.

According to Lange, the members of the spiritual race liked to hide in the dark and were very unwilling to show their true form in public. This was a custom that had been happening for a long time now.

"What the hell! These spiritual beings are like mice who always lurk in the dark,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot could not help but laugh while spouting words of mockery.

"Don't be so rude. That's just how they are. They were born with that innate behavior,"

Austin replied with a faint smile.

"Wait a minute. Are you seeing this too? These people are cultivators for the trial. How did we not notice them immediately?" Austin was surprised when they saw them from a distance.

Then, a large group of cultivators passed through the street where they were walking.

Like Austin, these cultivators had just recently entered this universe for the sole purpose of accomplishing the trial. Austin recognized their faces immediately as he saw them a couple of times in the earlier stage of the trial.

"Why are they here? How could all these people have access to this city?

Hold on. Why does it seem like they are all controlled by the spiritual race? Don't tell me they have become their slaves?"

Austin was dumbfounded as he took a closer look at the cultivators in the city.

"What are you so worried about? It's normal. So many cultivators are entering this universe for the trial. It's not uncommon for them to encounter the spiritual race and be captured by them,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot speculated.

"You have a point. I've seen their secret skill and it really is a powerful one.

Once you've become a victim of the Puppet Strings, nobody can get rid of it. As a result, they become slaves of the spiritual race,"

Austin affirmed the pot's speculation.

"What? Did you just see the people from the Mu Clan?!"

Austin's eyes widened as he saw some of the most unexpected people.

A group of people was roaming on a street not far from them. He quickly recognized their familiar faces and aura.

They were also participants for the trial. Among them was a tall young man wearing a beast hide. He was the young master of the Mu Clan, Dempsey.

A dozen of earth immortals from the Mu Clan followed him closely behind.

"That's definitely Demp

good idea. It's a smart move if we can take advantage of them.

Well, let's just wait and see what will happen,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot responded with a hearty laugh.

Soon, they found an inn at the spiritual capital where they could settle.

"Tell me. What do we have to do to kill a spiritual being?"

Austin summoned Lange and the other members of his race in his room for a thorough discussion.

"Master, we should not rush this. We can kill them one by one but we should prioritize in targeting the weaker ones.

Though spiritual beings prefer to hide in secret, we can still sense each other.

I suggest that the fourteen of us will identify and locate our targets, and then you shall wait for an opening to take action.

However, we must be very patient and careful in executing our plan.

The governor of this spiritual capital is the beloved son of a nobleman.

This nobleman has terrifying strength and also a very high status in the spiritual race.

If we are to be discovered accidentally and he finds out that we're causing trouble in the city, we'll be dead in no time,"

Lange said to his new master in a serious manner.

The other thirteen spiritual beings also looked nervous and serious.

It only meant that the ordinary spiritual beings were too afraid of the noble class in their race.

"I see. A son of a nobleman, huh? Anyway, we shouldn't have any problems as long as we take extreme precautionary measures.

Well then, let's get down to business.

Go and find our primary target,"

Austin gave the order with a straight face.

"Don't worry master, we have already found our first target. It's the owner of this inn,"

Lange immediately reported to Austin.

"The owner? That's really convenient. Let the hunt begin."

Austin was thrilled as he gave the order to commence their plan.

"In a moment, master. I'm going to take him in."

Lange turned around and quietly walked out of the room after finishing his words.

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