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   Chapter 2976 The Fierce Battles

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10086

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"To hell with this! That bastard's damn vertical eye is so unnerving!

It seems it is sucking our spiritual sense energy."

"The Puppet Strings we cast aren't working on him!"

The fourteen spirits from the spiritual race were taken aback as they found themselves in a stalemate with Darby.

Spirits of the spiritual race possessed an abundance of spiritual soul energy by nature, and within their domain, very few creatures from other races could be considered as threats.

But the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor was devouring everything, even souls, spirits, and, of course, spiritual sense.

Therefore, in a way, the Eye seemed to be able to restrict the spiritual race.

Relying on the Eye, Darby had slaughtered many spirits in recent days.

"I'm dragging these fourteen spirits here."

He sent a message to his five subordinates who were earth immortals through his spiritual sense.

"Hurry up and kill them!"

The five subordinates took heed and rushed towards the spirits.

The slaves in the town couldn't stop them at all.

Pretty soon they were upon the spirits, at which they launched fierce attacks without pause. "Go to hell!" they yelled furiously.

In the meantime, they drew their force from deep within their spiritual souls, and an immense amount of dark energy poured out and enveloped the spirits.

The Tomber race kept a number of secrets and high-level spiritual soul skills.

Being the important members of the race, the five masters naturally grasped those secret skills.

They were employing these skills with no hesitation whatsoever, since these were highly effective in dealing with the spiritual race.

The fight wore on, with the fourteen spirits scrambling to hold their ground.

"Shit! We can't defeat them. This guy's vertical eye is so intimidating!" The fourteen spirits were a bit flustered. It was becoming obvious that they were no match for their enemies.

In the middle of the scuffle, a displeased voice boomed out.

"This is my territory! How dare you break in and make trouble here?"

As soon as the words were spoken, a figure materialized behind the fourteen spirits.

He had his hands behind his back, and his stance was rigid.

He looked at Darby with disdain.

A few seconds later other figures materialized alongside the man, flanking him. The figures were none other than the Heavenly Majestic Pot, Violet, and the rest of the team, who had just exited the Slave Tower.

"Hang on a minute!" someone yelled. "That guy looks familiar."

"Isn't that Austin from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos?"

Hearing this, a stunned Darby strained his eyes to confirm the truth for himself.

When he recognized Austin, he roared. "It really is you, Austin!"

The rest of the crowd were echoing his exclamations. "Yes, it is indeed Austin!"

"What is he doing here?"

"Why is he here?"

"What is he up to this time?"

None of them were expecting to run across the man who had managed to become everyone's sworn enemy in such a shor

re held back.

The two parties were locked in a fierce battle.

"Go to hell, you bastard!"

Darby snarled and lunged at Austin.

He was at the Golden Immortal Realm, and had the terrible fighting power to challenge the earth immortals. Naturally, he did not take Austin seriously.

Austin openly waited for his attack with a cold smile.

They were both going to wield the power of the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor during this fight.

Since Darby was using a secret method exclusive to the Tomber race, his Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor held stronger power.

However, Austin had the spiritual tree; hence his spiritual power was much greater than Darby's.

They practically counterbalanced each other blow by blow.

When he saw that none of his attacks seemed to be working, Darby stepped back and let out a loud roar.

All of a sudden, he had turned himself into a giant, ferocious beast, and immediately launched at Austin.

In order to defend himself, Austin used the Divine Fist Skill and the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain.

Without any second thoughts, he displayed his immense physical strength and used a variety of other secret skills.

As the fight turned more intense, Austin stole a chance to communicate with the fourteen spirits using his spiritual sense.

"Take control of the earth immortals first. Hurry up!"

Upon his order, the spirits rushed over to where his crew were fighting the five earth immortals.

"Let's destroy them one by one!" The spirits wielded the Puppet Strings in sync.

Long red strings were dancing in the air, hovering over their prey. They darted towards one of the five, who was shrinking into himself in an attempt to retreat.

Soon, however, the strings were upon him, then in his head, taking full control of his very being.

In no time, the man become a slave to the spirits.

As soon as they were done with him, the fourteen spirits turned to another earth immortal, the red strings waving ominously in the air, ready to strike.

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