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   Chapter 2975 Enemies Were Destined To Meet (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6008

Updated: 2020-05-11 01:05

As soon as the creatures in the town met Darby's gaze, they immediately entered into a state of sluggishness.

"Sure enough, each creature's spirit is tied by a long red line, like a leash.

I was right! All these creatures in the town are slaves of the spiritual race!"

said Darby, his mouth curving into a sneer.

"What? There is some special skill between the eyebrows of this guy. These trespassers aren't as simple as we thought they were!"

The fourteen spirits lurking in the town had been secretly watching the entire scene play out. One of them couldn't help but remark at the extraordinary light that was released from the leader of the group.

"You are right!

I too have a feeling that the man with that special eye is kind of dangerous. His presence is making me feel uneasy.

I'm afraid that these slaves won't be able to defeat him.

Be careful, guys! We'll have to work together to get rid of this human!"

another spirit said cautiously.

"Shall we send word to our master?"

one of the spirits asked.

"I don't think it is necessary yet.

The fourteen of us will be able to deal with him if we work together.

We don't have to bother our master for such a trivial matter!"

Lange answered his companion's queries with confidence.

"Okay. Then let's secretly fight and kill these people."

The fourteen spirits discussed their battle strategy while preparing themselves to make their move.

"Let's begin to take action to kill all the slaves. In this way, the thirteen spirits will naturally appear.

Don't worry, everybody. I'll keep an eye on the surrounding area. As soon as the thirteen spirits reveal even an inch, I'll find them and we can take them down..."

With a wave of his hand, Darby ordered his troop to attack.



matched in strength.

"Go! All of you! Kill all the spirits!"

The five Earth Immortal Realm cultivators who were with Darby were leading a group of other cultivators and rushed to the fourteen spirits.


In the town, the slaves were ferocious and standing in front of them in a line, side by side.

"What? What happened?"

In the secret room on the ninth floor of the Slave Tower, Austin had just finished refining a batch of spiritual crystals and felt something was amiss.

So he released his spiritual sense to explore the area outside of the Slave Tower.

"What a small world! I cannot believe it's him!"

Austin was a little surprised to see Darby in front of him.

"Well, a young genius of the Tomber race. Ha-ha, I wonder how interesting it would be that I defeat this guy and make him my slave.

Although I also have the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor and I have the blood of the Tomber race, there is no way for me to get the core secret method of the Tomber race.

Maybe I can start from this guy Darby!"

Austin murmured with a sly smile spreading on his face.

The next moment, Austin was transmitted directly from the Slave Tower to the battleground.

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