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   Chapter 2974 Enemies Were Destined To Meet (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5950

Updated: 2020-05-11 01:05

In the town, Lange returned to his normal life. He was accompanied by the thirteen spirits and more than a hundred thousand slaves. Soon enough, the town once again came to life of a bustling center of activity.

The street that housed the town market was brimming with energy. Vendors shouted and customers haggled, which made the little town look exuberantly lively.

If an outsider who was completely unaware of the truth was to break into this town and see this scene, he would definitely not be able to guess that all the creatures in this town were actually slaves under control.

Lange and the thirteen members from the spiritual race quietly hid in a secret corner and overlooked every tiny detail in the town.

This was a unique characteristic of the spiritual race. They always liked to stay hidden in some secret place, controlling everything in absolute silence. It was like they wanted to be puppeteers of an invisible drama.

They did not like to show their faces in a crowd. But they were always lurking underneath the shadows.

As the charade of the little town continued, something was brewing elsewhere.

In the secret chamber on the ninth floor of the Slave Tower, Austin sat with his legs crossed and eyes firmly ahead. The secret room was entirely filled with blue spiritual crystals, nearly drowning him.


The spiritual tree in Austin's Soul Sea had powerful force of suction. It kept absorbing the spiritual crystals into the tree one by one and then refined them, transforming them into Austin's spiritual sense power.

The Heavenly Majestic Pot, Violet, the gnome and all the other people had also entered the Slave Tower and found a quiet place too, to refine the spiritual crystals.

As for the guardian spirit of the Slave Tow

finitely finish off all the people coming in from all directions. Young Master Darby, you are invincible in the world!"

Most of the people around him were young people. At this time, they were fawning on Darby without even a hint of shame or hesitation.

It was true that the members of the Tomber race had the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor. This made it easier for the participants from a member of the Tomber race to find the traces of spirits.

Therefore, a large number of followers gradually congregated around Darby, hoping to slay as many spiritual beings as possible with the help of the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, and gain enough points to qualify them to the next stage of the trail.

"Who are you?!

How dare you trespass into our town without permission!"

There were more than one hundred thousand creatures in the town. All of them were staring viciously at the group of warriors who had the nerve to break in.

"Let me have a look around!"

The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor between Darby's eyebrows opened all of a sudden and a cold and gloomy light was released from within. It swept across the creatures in the town, scanning every inch of the space.

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