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   Chapter 2971 Lange Took Revenge (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5952

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By their estimation, there were at least one hundred thousand creatures that lived in this town. They gathered and surrounded Austin and his group, coming from every nook and corner.

Their eyes were fierce and thirsty for blood!

"Ha-ha... How dare you trespass into our town! It looks like you have made an appointment with death. Is that what it is?"

Many creatures let out vile and malicious sounding giggles, their mouths contorting and dripping with frothy, foul smelling secretions.

"You pathetic creatures have no idea what you are talking about. How dare you low life slaves get in my way? You are the ones who wish to die for you live meaningless lives in this abhorrent wasteland!"

The member of the spiritual race inside Austin's Soul Sea suddenly appeared in midair, looking down at the hundred thousand or so creatures surrounding them. It hurled vicious words at them with a spine-chilling roar.

"It's a member of the spiritual race!"

Instantly, the resident creatures of the town changed colors and could not help but scamper away to a safe distance, fearing for their lives.

In this universe, the spiritual race dominated and lorded over everything.

Over time, all the other races had developed a natural fear of the spiritual race.

Any other creature in the universe would pale in comparison and not even worthy to be in the same breath as all the members of the spiritual race, who were considered the most noble of all races.


It's Lange! What a powerful presence!

These are our slaves. How can you give them such an order?"

Suddenly, thirteen grey figures came out from the void. As they appeared, they kept changing their shapes in an intimidating manner.

Apparently, these thirteen spirits had been hiding in this t

ificant fool. Come on, kill this delusional slave first!"

one of the spirits turned to the common creatures and made an order.

Immediately, a large group of creatures of different shapes and sizes rushed towards Austin.


Austin threw a hard punch to the closest attacker.

Austin's punch was packed with both his physical strength and the essence of the Divine Fist Skill. Its momentum rolled past his attacker then the same force burst out into the sky.

The rumbling and clattering sound of the fight echoed for miles outside of the town.

One by one, the bodies of the creatures that came in contact with Austin's fist, exploded and were torn to pieces.

Satisfied with his first try, Austin took a step forward and started going on a killing spree, destroying creatures in large numbers.

Most of the creatures in this town had the same fighting power as genuine immortals, and the most powerful ones were as powerful as golden immortals.

With his current strength, Austin could kill a large number of genuine immortals with one swing of his fist and in just one second.

He could even easily defeat an ordinary golden immortal in a much shorter time.

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