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   Chapter 2969 The Puppet Strings

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This member of the spiritual race was exceptionally fast and powerful.

This spiritual being then rushed to Austin's spiritual soul at lightning speed. It was so fast that even Austin couldn't fully capture his movements.

Thanks to the spiritual law governing the entire place, the members of the spiritual race were terrifyingly strong.

Infinite law energy entered the spirit's body, increasing his powers.

As the intruder was quickly approaching Austin's spiritual soul, the vast spiritual energy at the center of his Soul Sea surged up violently into gigantic waves.

The waves created were as high as tens of thousands of feet that swept up and bombarded the spirit.

The spirit was all the more thrilled instead of getting flustered. He burst out into laughter as he sensed Austin's upcoming attack.

"I can't believe that a young man of the human race could have such terrifying spiritual sense. Your spiritual sense is even purer and superior to those I've already encountered.

This type is exactly what I'm craving for!" the spirit gushed in a shaking voice.

"Your spiritual sense is mine!"

Then he opened his mouth widely and swiftly began absorbing Austin's immense spiritual sense.

A large amount of spiritual sense in Austin's Soul Sea was reduced at a fast pace as the spirit greedily swallowed it.

"Ha-ha! I have to thank you for this.

I can finally have a good meal in such a long while. I'm going to enjoy this to my heart's content!"

The spirit laughed maniacally as he devoured Austin's spiritual sense.

'It turns out that the rumor is true.

The members of the spiritual race feed on the spiritual energy of other species. This is how they replenish their energy and become much stronger, ' Austin thought to himself.

He was a little surprised when he saw it with his own eyes.

'They truly are a bit peculiar. It's so distasteful.

I'd better do something before he consumes a lot of my energy.'

Austin was initially caught off guard as the spirit started swallowing his spiritual sense.

However, Austin did not seem to be bothered at all.

"Humph... Do you want all of my spiritual sense? Then come and get it!"

Austin snapped with a stern face.

He quickly fell into deep concentration, and unleashed a massive spiritual demon out of his Soul Sea.

Austin activated his Demon-creating Skill.

It was a technique that he learned a long time ago. Through this, it enabled him to make a powerful demon out of his spiritual sense.

Since his spiritual sense was already far stronger than before, the spiritual demon he had made was much more powerful than the previous ones.

The spiritual demon dashed forward and delivered an earth-shaking blow to the spirit.

"Bloody hell! He could still manifest such a skill after all the spiritual energy that I consumed?

Is his spiritual sense infinite?!" the spirit shouted in vexation.

He then fought back and engaged in a vicious battle with the spiritual demon.

"Will master be fine?"

Violet asked worriedly as she saw Austi


We are not allowed to teach it to people outside our race.

In fact, even if I teach you how, you will not be able to master it.

Only the members of our race can use it because it requires our blood essence to do this.

Just give it up and ask for something else,"

the spirit answered.

"I see. Then, I don't see any point in keeping you alive. Go to hell!" Austin bellowed sternly.

The spiritual tree released an enormous amount of power again and slowly enveloped the spirit in bright lights.

"Wait! Just hold on a minute! There m-might be something you can try.

The spiritual tree that you have is actually the holy tree of our race! Perhaps it could serve as the bridge for you to master our secret skill," the spirit suddenly blurted it out at the critical moment of his life.

He gasped for air, relieved that he wasn't killed just yet.

"What did you just say? The spiritual tree is the holy tree of the spiritual race? Now that's interesting," Austin responded with a big smile on his face.

He was amazed at the fact he just learned. For a long time now, he was relying on the strength of the spiritual tree but it never occurred to him that it might be connected to the spiritual race.

"Yes, you heard that right. It is our holy tree.

The truth is, even in our world, there is no spiritual tree left anymore. That's why I can't believe that someone like you possesses one. You might indeed be the luckiest guy.

If you really want our secret skill, you can try mastering it through the use of the spiritual tree.

But there's still no assurance that you could master it. But even if you failed, I can do a lot of other things for you.

Just spare my life,"

the spirit said in an earnest tone.

Since his life was in Austin's hands, he would do anything for him.

"All right. I will let you live for the moment.

Show me the Puppet Strings again. Now!" Austin roared with a very determined expression.

With that, he decided to spare the spirit's life in the meantime.

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