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   Chapter 2968 The Emergence Of The Spiritual Race

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Standing in a straight line, tens of thousands of spiritual souls launched countless sound attacks at Austin simultaneously. In a gigantic wave, they all rolled and swept toward Austin and his friends.

Unfortunately, the governing law in this negative universe was the spiritual law so that it meant that anything related to spiritual soul energy could be enhanced by using some external elements in nature.

Austin realized this and accepted the fact that the sound waves would be violent and difficult to hold back.

On its way, the sound wave obliterated everything in its path. Austin's friends looked weary as it got closer and closer.

"Master, I can try using my Hallucinatory Handkerchief against this attack. It is useful against such a spiritual sense attack!"

Violet exclaimed with confidence, ready to join the battle.

"No, thanks. That's unnecessary.

I can handle this,"

Austin interjected, holding out his arm to stop Violet.

Where they would normally be worried, Austin felt calm. After all, he possessed the spiritual tree, so he was not afraid of spiritual sense attacks, no matter how powerful they might be.

In addition, Austin had just successfully refined a seven-colored divine lotus, which not only purified his spiritual soul dramatically, but also increased his spiritual sense.

Being so advanced, it would take an extremely talented martial arts master to strike fear into his heart.

And thankfully, all the creatures in front of him were just at an ordinary level. This would be a piece of cake.


When the wave made impact, a loud sound which nearly shattered Austin's eardrums was created. He felt the blow, but it didn't knock him over. Within seconds, the sound waves had broken into his soul sea.

The inside of Austin's Soul Sea became scrambled with sounds that made his teeth gnash together.

Again and again, the sound waves pounded against Austin's spiritual soul in a way that should have killed him.

With a jolt, the spiritual tree in Austin's mind awakened, sensing the sudden attack.

Extending its branches, the spiritual tree shook and stretched, rustling like a windstorm was passing through. Its roots also waved inside Austin's Soul Sea like crazy, and streams of energy burst forward, protecting Austin from all angles.

Once it had garnered enough strength, the spiritual tree launched a refining power to repel the sound waves.

Each sound wave was brimming with spiritual soul energy.

This meant that the spiritual tree could feast all it wanted and become stronger and more invincible by the second.


The sound of the waves being converted into the power of spiritual sense filled the air.

"I love this!"

Meanwhile, Austin was enjoying the fact that he could sit idly while the spiritual tree did all the hard work for him. He closed his eyes and smiled as the tree helped him become even more advanced in his spiritual sense energy.

"Wow! I almost forgot that Austin has a spiritual tree!

No wonder he doesn't look afraid. Nobody with a spiritual tree would ever have a reason to fear a spiritual soul attack of this level.

Still, I can't believe it. How did he get his hands on such an amazing m

from sight.

Sometimes it materialized from thin air. Its skin was grey, and its body seemed as hard as steel, its claws as sharp as that of eagles, its eyes as keen as that of jackals, its legs as short as that of toads, and its arms as thick as pythons!

From all around it, a dark and frightening aura was gathering, making Austin's stomach drop.

"Are you part of the spiritual race?"

Austin asked with a hint of doubt in his voice.

"Ha-ha! Yes, I am. I am from the spiritual race.

Hey, human boy. I was expecting something nice from you but nothing this great. The spiritual tree means so much to me that I don't think I could ever thank you enough.

So, I will give you something in return. I will give you mercy.

Instead of slowly killing you, I will just seize your physical body and occupy it.

This way, although your soul will be smashed into nothing, your physical body will still remain intact, of course, in my possession."

The grey shadow laughed so hard it had to clutch onto its abdomen to stay upright. It was spilling with confidence and the sight made Austin fill with anger.

"Really? You want take my body and make it your new home?

You are so confident, but I'm afraid you can't.

We don't know who will be killed first. Maybe you are the first to die,"

Austin replied, shrugging at the spiritual soul.

Although this spiritual being had broken into his Soul Sea without being noticed, Austin didn't get flustered or afraid. He kept his calm, devising plans to throw off this tricky creature.


Think about your words before you spit them out, human.

That's enough wasting time. Let's fight so I can kill you and take what's rightfully mine,"

the shadow from the spiritual race said coldly.


Against Austin's expectations, the shadow released spiritual soul energy so thick and ominous that it filled the entirety of Austin's Soul Sea. The air turned into thick fog and was as scarlet as blood. Austin couldn't see anything.

"Go to hell, human!"

the spiritual being howled and rushed at Austin's spiritual soul before either of them could say another word.

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