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   Chapter 2963 You Deserve It

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The young master of the Mu Clan turned around slowly. He shot Austin a wary look, as though he were a viper that had caused multiple deaths and had nothing to hold him back from killing more without remorse.

"Boy!" Dempsey snarled. "You really want to die that badly!"

The Earth Immortal Realm cultivators immediately stood at attention. They moved as one, surrounding Austin in an offensive stance, their auras filled with a wave of killing intent.

"Really, now?" Austin mocked Dempsey.

"You'll be breaking your promise? You're going to fight with me? Looks like people from your clan really are sore losers."

He laughed sardonically, shaking his head. "Oh, how could you, esteemed young master of the Mu Clan, renege on your word! Ha! I've expected this much. I've completely seen through your intentions! But sadly for you, now that I am here, you'll never be able to lay a finger on Mr. Lin."

Prince Aldrich gave a hearty laugh, and waved his hand. In response, dozens more of powerful Earth Immortal Realm cultivators took up positions to protect Austin.

Austin turned to the prince and gave him a little salute. "You are so considerate, Prince Aldrich. But I'm afraid I need to deal with these people on my own."

He took a step forward and braced himself. With his feet firmly on the ground, he released a wave of physical strength.

Most would not notice, but a faint crackling sound ran through his body at his exertion.

On the other side of the hall, a small creature with distinct features perked up.

It was Pearce, an outstanding talent of the Tomber race from the Ghostdom.

He stared at Austin, his mind racing. Pearce shared the same blood coursing through the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor that Austin possessed in between his own mortal eyes.

That connection lent him a special insight into a different plane that was not visible to those not of the same race.

As Austin was gearing himself for the incoming fight, he released some auras, and Pearce's blood exhibited a reaction.

And the only reason for such a reaction was that they somehow shared the same blood. He peered at Austin some more, ascertaining something for himself.

Then all of a sudden, he pointed at Austin and unceremoniously announced, "That man is Austin Lin!"

All eyes immediately turned to Austin, and a tense silence filled the air.

A few beats passed, and the place erupted into frantic and near coherent exclamations among everybody present.

"What did he say?"

"Does he mean the same Austin, who is currently wanted by the four major forces and has a large bounty on his head?"

"So this is the Austin from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. He is apparently very valuable!"

"If we kill this guy, we'll be gaining all the three million points from his jade token. That fortune is no joke!"

Most of the cultivators in trial were now eyeing

if you are not capable of keeping your word and settling your debts, then you do not have many chances to be chosen by gods."

He gave a meaningful look before disappearing into thin air.

Dempsey shook with frustration, quite taken aback with the man's parting message.

'That man is likely a conduit to the god; what he said must be true.'

And if so, then his purpose in participating in the trial of the Primordial Road, to become the god's successor, would be in vain!

Without any preamble, Dempsey strode to the direction of Violet and fell on his knees.

The earth immortals from his clan cried out in protest.

"No, Young Master Dempsey!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dempsey, young master of the Mu Clan, kowtowed to the ground.

When he was finished, he waved his hand, and his jade token flew towards Violet.

Hundreds of thousands of points flew out of his jade token and into Violet's.

"This is all of my points," he uttered bitterly.

Then he was on his feet, striding away from the gathered crowd.

"I swear I will kill Austin and this little bitch myself!

I will not stop until they die!"

Violet watched him stomp away, then turned to Austin with a grin.

"Ha-ha! Master, my total points increased more than a hundred thousand!

Looks like the young master of the Mu Clan is really pissed off this time."

Austin mirrored her grin.

"It's not like we had a choice. He brought it upon himself.

He was the one who was dying to provide us a chance to slap his face.

He didn't have to make that bet in the first place.

Come on, everyone! Let's go and see what treasures are worth buying in this city."

He led the way to streets, and his comrades followed behind him.

Violet, on the other hand, skipped beside him, her excitement written all over her face.

"Master, I do believe that all of us in your crew are now the richest among all the participants."

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