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   Chapter 2959 The God Of Chaos (Part Two)

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Subsequently, dozens of shining magic treasures landed on the altar with the god's direction.

"Now that I have supplied you with the additional tools and power that you need, I have to bid my goodbye. The gods in the positive world have left a portion of their spiritual sense energy in this universe. They seem to have found me and are ready to launch an attack on me. I must go now."

Then the Great Savage God bade goodbye to the monsters who kept kneeling before him.

"Hah! We finally found you, you evil thing from the negative world! How dare you enter the positive world! Go back to the damned hell where you belong!"

Just at that moment, a gigantic mighty hand rapidly came down from out of nowhere in the void, aiming at the image of the god, hovering on top of the stone altar.

The hand was so enormous that it filled the open space between sky and earth completely. It ceaselessly exuded tremendous divine light that overpowered the light emitted by the Savage God.

"Ha-ha! Do what you think you can on it. It's just a strand of my spiritual sense. It won't do any harm to me even if it is destroyed completely."

Instead of fighting back, the image of the god on the altar just let out a fit of wild laughter. It did not even move from its place on the altar. It was then grabbed by the hand from the heavens and was crushed into pieces.

Then just as fast as it came, the huge hand disappeared without a trace. The millions of monsters that witnessed the whole thing were left dumbfounded. Everything happened so quickly. They realized they were still on their knees.

In the ancestral grave of the monsters...

"This is great! The God of Chaos is about to wake up and soon he will come to this world and be with us again!

We will soon be celebrating!"

the monster patriarch laughed wildly.

"Everybody, the Great Savage God just taught us a few sets of powerful combat skills. He has also imparted a large number of magic treasures exclusively used by the gods. This means that our fighting power has grown dramatically!

Let those fucking cultivators from the positive world come as much as they want. With our increased power, we will now be able to crush

foot on the Primordial Road, there were more than one hundred million participants in total.

After the fierce fight during the first test in the negative world, only more than thirty million creatures survived.

This meant that about seventy percent of the participants either did not pass the test or may have lost their lives in the battle.

"The entry will cost 2, 500 points to be taken out from your total score. After the deduction, you can use the rest of your points to buy all kinds of treasures around the city,"

the tall thin middle-aged man related the rules to the cultivators in detail.

"That's quite reasonable! Good to know!"

The cultivators who had earned a lot more points were overjoyed at the rules. They looked forward to using their points and seeing what they could buy with it.

"All right.

There is another thing that you all should know.

The total points that you acquired in the first test have been ranked.

And the top three cultivators will be rewarded,"

the tall thin middle-aged man continued.

"In addition, if the top 1 cultivator still possesses at least 10, 000 points after the deduction of required points, he or she will be rewarded with a magic treasure left by Master Layne himself,"

the tall thin man said slowly as he looked at all the participants.

"The magic treasure left by Master Layne is as good as mine! I claim it!"

A confident smile emerged at the corner of Austin's lips.

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