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   Chapter 2958 The God Of Chaos (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7285

Updated: 2020-05-09 17:35

Austin, along with everyone else, was teleported away and they all disappeared in an instant.

"Damn it! What the hell just happened?

It seems like those little thieves have completed their trials and have left our universe just like that!"

Some monsters from a distance yelled in disgust.

"Damn them! Damn them all! Those fucking cultivators! Curse them all to hell! Aaaargh!"

the monster patriarch roared, in a state of madness and helplessness. How was he going to fight them if they had all escaped?

"Sir, you're going to want to hear this! Something just happened at the stone altar in our ancestral grave. It seems like we have made a connection with our mother land!"

Upon hearing the news, a dozen huge monsters flew over from the starry sky in the distance, shouting and panting heavily with excitement.

"That is indeed good news. We have really connected with the mother land!

What are we waiting for? Let's go and have a look!"

The monster patriarch, who was about to explode with untold fury, calmed down in an instant. His wrath was immediately replaced with delight. Giving a signal to his subordinates, he led them to the direction of the altar. Anticipation was written on his face. His race had waited ages for this moment.

"It finally happened! I can't believe it! Ha-ha! Several eras have passed and the altar has finally reacted to our prayers."

The monster patriarch rushed to the altar in the ancestral grave without delay. Even from a distance, he could already see a bright glow all over the entire altar. Streams of violent space-time power was flowing down from it like flooding water. It was breathtaking.

"God bless us! It looks like our prayers have been heard and our sacrifices have not gone to waste. Our efforts over the past eras have finally brought results!

Get down on your knees, all of you! Launch out the sound of our souls to our mother land! Deliver our messages to our kinsmen!"

The monster patriarch was extremely thrilled. He turned around and roared at his subordinates. He then prostrated before the altar as the chief ruler of the race.

All around the ancestral grave, in all directions as f

e God. He then burst into a fit of hearty cry. He had never cried in his life before and none of the entire monster tribe had seen his soft side like this since they had known him.

He bawled out like a child who cried for his parents' hugs and kisses after being bullied by his playmates.

"Well, that's enough. Be quiet now. What's the matter with you? Don't show your weakness in front of the entire tribe!" the Great Savage God scolded the monster patriarch.

"You all shall remain in this current space for the time being and during this time, you must wait for the God of Chaos to wake up. By then, you shall be the smart link in the whole plan that we are going to use against the positive world.

At that time, you must cooperate with us in every possible way for the plan to be executed perfectly.

Now, I will teach you a few additional sets of extraordinary fist skills. In addition to that, I will also give you some magic treasures, which are only used by gods. With the new set of fist skills and the magic treasures, your fighting powers and abilities will increase dramatically."

As soon as he finished talking, the Great Savage God on the altar then motioned with his hands to launch out a dazzling light. The light contained tremendous power and information that would level up the monsters' fighting abilities. The light poured from his hands into the monster patriarch's Soul Sea containing all the valuable information.

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