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   Chapter 2955 So It's You!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8164

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Austin cut through the monsters on the battlefield, slaughtering them without effort.

He moved through them swiftly and gracefully, like a leaf in the wind.

With so much power coursing through him, Austin could obliterate monsters with just the strength in his pinky finger.

The cultivators along the way cheered and welcomed Austin's arrival on the scene, offering up monsters' internal cores and all kinds of treasures to urge him on.

After being rescued by Austin, they would follow him onward.

Before long, the number of cultivators behind Austin had snowballed beyond imagining.

The number started going up to thousands of them, then to the tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of the cultivators.

Soon enough, Austin was moving forward with millions of cultivators behind him.

The exhausted cultivators still completing the trial on the battlefield were so relieved to be saved by him that they handed over the treasures they had already gathered as tokens of gratitude.

Austin would decline the treasures if the cultivators appeared to be in need. But if they seemed affluent enough, he would ask for more.

And they were willing to give it. Even some of the powerful masters at the Earth Immortal Realm and the young geniuses of the major sects submitted readily to his demands.


How obnoxious! What a self-important little bastard!

I'm really starting to loathe this guy!"

The monsters gritted their teeth, growing more angry and resentful at Austin's behavior.

But they had to admit Austin's power terrified them. He was like a monster-killing machine, leaving a bloodbath wherever he went.

Even monster leaders had died in his hands.

It wasn't long before all the cultivators in the battlefield were following Austin.

The cultivators smugly stood behind him in rows. It was clear that the battle was quickly being overturned in their favor.

And Austin was doing it single-handedly!

After every fight, Austin would gather another batch of monsters' internal cores and consume them all.

The monster leaders were panicking at his gradual approach. "Hurry! Send word to the chief and ask for backup!

This human boy is too much for us to deal with!

Only the chief and the elders can take him on!"

the leaders shouted to their subordinates.

'Really, now? Only the chief of the monster race and the elders, huh?'

Austin noted, hearing the shouts.


brat! Our chief will tear you to pieces and eat you all up!"

the monsters crowed, whooping.

As the thundering sound grew louder, more than a hundred gigantic monsters finally came into view.

An overwhelming force visible to the naked eye swirled violently around them like a hurricane as they approached with frightening speed.

Behind these giants were tens of millions of other monsters.

They struggled to keep up in the wake of the gigantic monsters who were charging ahead.

Austin was awed, despite himself.

He just made sure to keep his intimidation from showing through.

The gigantic monsters were at least thousands of times larger than the monsters they'd fought so far!

The ordinary monsters were like insects compared to these newly arrived giants!

"Where is he?!"

a giant monster at the forefront roared, eyes as large as lakes scanning the battlefield.

The massive sound waves rushed toward Austin and the others like a tsunami of wrath.

Austin smirked, releasing all his physical strength to be able to withstand the sound waves.

"It's him, sir! It's him!"

a monster leader shrieked, pointing wildly at Austin.

So the behemoth at the lead was none other than the chief of the monster race!


the chief snorted and pointed at something high in the air.

A glittering mirror suddenly appeared in the sky.

It turned its face toward Austin and his companions down below.

As it did, a blinding spotlight shone on the group.

"So it's you!

You're the brigands who broke into the ancestral grave!"

the chief raised his head and howled at the sky.

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