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   Chapter 2954 Why Would I Do That

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Austin activated the Omnipotent Lightness, and strode into the melee of monsters.

"Anyone foolish enough to stand in my way will die!" he roared as he braced all of his physical strength.

Then he released it. Waves of energy poured out from his skin and surged like a tsunami.

The monsters were stunned at the sight.

Austin didn't create an air cannon this time, and instead opted for a messy round of attacks.

All around him he was punching monsters left and right, their bodies bursting in loud explosions on the spot.

Monster flesh and blood splashed across the surface in all directions. "Oh?" Austin said, spotting something among the ruckus. "These are their internal cores!"

As the monsters exploded, their internal cores flew all over the place along with their mangled flesh.

He grabbed all the internal cores he could find and stuffed them into his mouth without a second thought.

The Omnipotent Immortal Stone then began to refine the internal cores he consumed.

Austin wiped out the monsters with a reckless speed, relentlessly throwing punches that felled a dozens of enemies.

He intended to pave a way for himself in this manner, towards where Prince Aldrich stood surrounded by yet another multitude of monsters.

He soldiered on, practically unstoppable, even by the larger beasts.

His companions were staring after his figure with amazement. Violet, the little infinity beast, and the divine silkworm all found his performance quite impressive.

Somewhere along the way they stopped fighting altogether and settled on spectating, laughing a little bitterly at Austin singlehandedly wreaking havoc in the battlefield.

After annihilating countless monsters, Austin had finally drawn close to where Prince Aldrich stood.

"He's coming!"

The horde of large monsters surrounding Prince Aldrich braced themselves for the incoming attack.

"Damn human brat! Go to hell!"

a monster built like a mountain roared ferociously.

He swung his tail at Austin's direction, his momentum causing a powerful gust of wind to sweep along the space.

These bunch of monsters besieging Prince Aldrich were the true masters of their race, and were indeed of a different league from most other beasts.

Each of them were a terrible force of nature.

Austin grinned as he dodged the monster's powerful attack.

With his quick reflexes, he grabbed at the swinging tail and latched onto him with all of his strength.

Planting his feet firmly on the ground, he flashed another wicked smile before lifting the monster by the tail and spinning it in the air.

Enraged at his audacity, the rest of the monsters let out menacing growls and simultaneously lunged at him.

After waving his captive a dozen times, Austin hurled the monster towards his would-be attackers.

The monster shot forward with the force of a cannonball.

The other monsters scrambled to get out of his trajectory, but six of them were caught off guard and failed to dodge in time.

The humongous monster Austin threw hit them with precision, the force of impact mashing them all into p

r salvation.

After all, they had witnessed how he effortlessly slaughtered the monsters a while back.

They were sure that with his abilities, he could save their lives as well.

"What did you say?" Austin asked, a little taken aback. "You want me to help you?"

Then he gave them a cold, unnerving smile.

"But I don't even know you, so why would I do that?" He never was a warmhearted man. Nor was he the type to fight in the stead of total strangers for no reason. "I will pay you in return!" one of the creatures burst out in mild panic. "What do you want? I can give you magic treasures! Precious natural resources, pills!

I will give you anything as long as you help me out!"

"Let me see..." Austin said languidly, seeming to mull things over in his head.

The creatures held their breath in silence.

"All right, here is the thing," he finally said.

"If you want my help, you have to give me money, or the monsters' internal cores in your possession."

He might as well make a fortune out of the circumstances.

"Deal! Please come and save me!"

"Me, too!" "Please save me as well. I can pay you!"

The responses were loud and immediate, drowning each other out in chaos.

Austin couldn't help himself, and burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of it all.

"All right, I'm coming to rescue you lot!" he yelled at the creatures. "But first, show me your money and the monsters' internal cores that you will be paying me!"

Then he activated the Omnipotent Lightness and swiftly rushed back into the battlefield.

"Over here, young man!"

"Here, I have a monster's internal core! Help me!"

The creatures all had their arms raised, waving high in the air various offerings of sacred crystals, magic treasures, precious natural resources, and monsters' internal cores.

Austin swept above them and plucked all of the internal cores, consuming them as he went.

Inside his body, the Omnipotent Immortal Stone began to refine the internal cores.

Once again, his physical strength was multiplying at exponential rates.

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