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   Chapter 2953 The Horrible Air Cannon

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"All right.

It is widely known that the Beast Cosmos and the Hunting Cosmos are sworn enemies.

We've seen this Prince Aldrich and Dempsey of the Mu Clan fight at the Purple Cosmos once.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That's my principle, so we shall go and help him,"

Austin concluded.

"That's fine by me. In addition to Prince Aldrich of the Beast Cosmos, many young talents are also trapped there.

It seems that when we broke into the monsters' ancestral grave and stole all the internal cores, we have totally aggravated them. Now, they've gone outside of their nest and wreaked havoc to take revenge,"

said the Heavenly Majestic Pot.

"You're right. Thanks to that, these cultivators are going to be slaughtered because of me,"

Austin answered back as he looked into the battlefield at a far distance.

Meanwhile, they saw a young monk on the battlefield that was surrounded by groups of monks in a glistening Buddhist light.

The young monk was sitting with legs crossed, and behind him stood a half-illusory and half-solid ancient Buddha. The Buddha stretched out several palms that constantly attacked the monsters that were coming from all directions.

The monks surrounding the young man also displayed all sorts of Buddhist omnipotent skills to resist the monsters rushing at them like a vehement tide.

In another area, a large group of pretty women—led by a beautiful lady with an icy aura—was also fighting a ferocious bunch of monsters.

As the women moved gracefully, snow was dancing all over the battlefield. Violent dragons made of ice and snow devoured every monster and crushed them into pieces.

They also observed over ten old women who were powerful earth immortals exchanging blows with a group of monsters. Apparently, they were from one of the revered forces.

Moreover, there was a powerful young man who attracted Austin's attention.

He had a tall figure with blond hair and golden eyes shining like a precious sword.

Directly above the young man's head was a sun that radiated tens of thousands of beams of golden light.

A large group of earth immortals surrounded the young man and closely guarded him against the rushing monsters.

"That cultivation method is quite like the Golden Sun Scripture."

Austin was surprised as he saw the skills being displayed by the young

le battlefield fell silent.

All monsters and cultivators alike fixed their horrified eyes on Austin.

He killed tens of thousands of monsters with just the airwaves that shot out through his fists.

They were dumbfounded at the unimaginable physical strength that he displayed.

"How can a lowly human possess such terrifying physical strength?"

"That's impossible! In this universe, our race should be the only ones to possess the highest level of physical strength!"

"This must be an illusion! This human is just tricking us. Don't be misled! Let's attack him at the same time and beat this arrogant human to death!"

A monster leader leaped forward while roaring, and swung his huge tail at Austin.

"Kill him!"

Hundreds of thousands of monsters swarmed towards Austin. They did not care anymore for the other cultivators present and just rushed at Austin like there was no tomorrow.

"Well, I am expecting that, you simple-minded morons!"

Austin let out a deafening roar and rushed towards the multitude of monsters in front of him.

This time though, Austin went all out and released a hundred percent capacity of his physical strength.

Whoosh Crash! Boom!

Tens of thousands of monsters were blown to pieces by Austin's deathly fist aura of air cannons. Even the ones from afar were unable to escape his brutal strike.

"H-Holy shit!"

All the cultivators could not avert their gazes from Austin. Gasps and shrieks filled the battlefield. Most of their minds and faces went blank as they couldn't grasp what had just happened.

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