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   Chapter 2952 Meet Prince Aldrich Again

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With a wave of his hand, a fragment of a long, ancient-looking garment flew forward and spread over his head.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The loud and powerful thunderbolt landed on the old cloth.

The old cloth was incinerated in the blink of an eye as the remaining ashes fell to the earth in slow motion.


It sent Romani flying into the air. When he fell to the ground, blood spilled out from his mouth. His legs were too weak to hoist him up.

"Things related to god cannot be easily revealed!"

Finally, Romani sighed in defeat and got up trembling. He was much weaker than before as if he had suffered more injuries.

Everyone was shocked after they saw what had transpired.

The rules of nature were incredibly mysterious and terrifying. No one could easily break them without facing the consequences.

"How is Austin doing, the guy from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos? Has he been killed?"

The Mu Clan and other senior leaders of the four major forces inquired about Austin, their tones laced with concern.

The four major forces had especially sent more than one hundred earth immortal cultivators into the passage only to hunt Austin down.

It was evident that how much the four major forces wanted to kill Austin.

"Austin did appear in the first round of the trial, but he was not killed.


an Earth Immortal Realm cultivator from the Divine Sect answered in an exasperated tone. It seemed as though he was angry at being cornered by them. He had just been sent back and without a moment to relax, this mob of senior leaders of the four major forces had confronted him with uneasy questions.

"Instead... Instead what? Can you make yourself a bit more clear?"

The top leaders of the four major forces found his words rather unsatisfactory. They immediately nudged him to provide them with more details.

"The truth is, rather unfortunately, many of us, including the Earth Immortal Realm cultivators, were killed by him.

What's worse, Austin even snatched a lot of our points.

A steward from our Divine Sect was killed by Austin and his points was taken away by him as well. He even didn't have time to crumb his identity jade token to ask for help before he died!

I was also attacked by Austin suddenly, that evil rascal. At a crucial moment when I was about to die, I had to crumb my jade token in time and I was teleported back! That is the only reason I survived... Sheer luck!"

The Earth Immortal Realm cultivator from Divine Sect ground his teeth in his seething rage against Austin.


We sent more than a hundred earth immortals to get in and hunt down Austin.

Under any normal circumstance, that thief should have fled in panic at being chased by such an enormous army.

How can that man really attack the earth immortals we have sent!? This is simply outrageous!"

The senior leaders of the four major forces turned to look at each other in amazement.

"Austin, you bastard! You are now my nemesis!"

"Humph! There aren't enough words to describe how much I hate you.

I could have continued my trial! Only if it wasn't for Austin from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos! He is the one who stopped me. He's so shameless that

Austin found that the trial warriors were far less powerful than the monsters in both number and strength.

There were more than ten million monsters surrounding a few million cultivators. The cultivators were losing against the frantic attacks launched by their opponents.

It was evident that these trial cultivators had lost their will to fight and were trying to escape whenever they could.

However, there were too many monsters in their way. They surrounded the trial warriors in a tight circle, which was impossible to escape.

"Look, that is Prince Aldrich from the Beast Cosmos!"

Violet shouted, pointing at a figure who was fighting intensely.

He was a young man with a handsome face. He had a demonic aura and was covered with silvery white scales which looked like a silver armor.

He was holding a short sword, which was dazzling with divine radiance. The numerous sword auras in the sky transformed into shining runes.

"Prince Aldrich is a young talent in the Beast Cosmos. He is a famous figure in all the universes as well.

But it looks like he is not in a good condition in the battle,"

said the Heavenly Majestic Pot.

Indeed, the Heavenly Majestic Pot was right. There were more than a dozen leaders of the monsters that circled Prince Aldrich in the middle and madly attacked him. They had extremely large bodies that towered over Prince Aldrich.

The physical strength of these more than a dozen monster leaders was too overwhelming. Prince Aldrich was already at a disadvantage, and gradually, he didn't have any strength left in him to fight back.

There were dozens of earth immortals nearby who wanted to rush over to help him, but they were being blocked by a terrifying bunch of monster leaders.

It was clear that Prince Aldrich was in a dangerous situation.

"Master, Prince Aldrich is from the Beast Cosmos.

I want to go to the Beast Cosmos someday and check if I can find the whereabouts of our nine-tailed demon fox race.

So why don't we help Prince Aldrich and establish a new relationship? It could help us later,"

Violet said to Austin with a sudden wave of hope.

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