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   Chapter 2951 Romani

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Across the whole world, cultivators were grappling with monsters as part of their trials.

On orders of the monster patriarch, the monsters had already organized an army to search for Austin and his friends.

More and more powerful monsters joined the search, relentlessly augmenting their army and battling the cultivators they encountered. The cultivators were beginning to feel like they were in deep trouble.

Some of them had already been brutally slaughtered, while some of those who survived fled in various directions of the universe.

The patriarch and the senior leaders of the monsters were especially powerful fighters, able to kill earth immortals within minutes.

At this point in the battle, the monsters clearly had the upper hand.

Some cultivators had already chosen to crush their jade badges, transporting themselves out, fearing for their lives.

Some of the stronger ones, however, opted to leave because they had already racked up five thousand points, enough to pass the trial and move on to the next.

Most of those who had already completed this round were, predictably, either earth immortals or outstanding young geniuses from the major forces.

The rest who had yet to finish started to band together to be able to kill monsters more efficiently.

Each of these contingents consisted of at least ten million cultivators. The battlefield was packed with combatants.

Outside the Primordial Road, the Purple Cosmos was likewise starting to get overcrowded.

People were gathering, in particular, at the abandoned continent at the edge of the universe. This continent, after all, was where the entrance of the secret passage was located. Many powerful sects had sent their people to keep watch at the site.

The cultivators who had entered the passage were also expected to come back the same way, so there were those awaiting their return.

But four or five days after their entry, astonishing news broke out across the continent.

This came after some of the cultivators began teleporting back in steady succession, increasing in number as days went by.

What the returnees said shocked those assembled in wait outside. The passage was actually the Primordial Road itself!

The astonishing news sent the whole universe abuzz.

The Primordial Road was one of those legends mentioned in books passed down from ancient times.

It was said that the ancient road was created by the gods in ancient times, designed to test cultivators who had the potential to join their ranks.

In the beginning, the road and its tria

ished, the crowd started to buzz.

Excited chattering broke out across the continent.

"I think he's right. The divine gods have come to the world again, and they are ready to choose their successors!"

"So that's how the Gods' Hometown works! Our ancestors just conjectured that the Gods' Hometown has something to do with the divine gods and their intention of choosing their successors.

And now we know those rumors about the Primordial Road are true!

I have no doubt that Romani is correct!"

People on the continent were all wrapped up in discussions, mostly convinced of what Romani said.

Outside the Purple Cosmos, the Divine Realm cultivators suspended in the chaotic void were likewise mulling over his words.

"What do you think of all this?

Is he right? Does this mean the gods have returned? We have been seeking them out for so long,"

a Divine Realm cultivator asked his companions.

"Romani's predictions are unparalleled in their accuracy. I would believe whatever he says,"

one of his peers replied.

"But I have my doubts.

Anything that involves the gods is confidential, intentionally shrouded in mystery. Could their actions really be predicted?

And if what Romani says is true, he would be revealing the secrets of the gods. Then why haven't they punished him yet?"

another Divine Realm warrior pointed out.

Hardly had he finished this, a disturbance broke out in the continent.

Boom! Thunder started rolling in the heavens.

A thick bolt of lightning flashed in the sky, then sped down to the crowd.

"My god!" Romani was paralyzed in fear at the sight.

His face lost all color at this terrible sight. As a good prophet, he had a bad omen.

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