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   Chapter 2945 Plenty Of Monster Internal Cores

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All the monsters in the city were gritting their teeth and wagging their tails in anger.

The Gravel City was the cemetery of these monsters' ancestors. For them, it was extremely sacred.

Now, the monsters had discovered that the most important palace inside the city was broken into. Whoever did it would feel their wrath.

"What should we do?"

They looked at Austin as they panicked through the troublesome situation they were in.

Austin quickly scanned the inner area of the palace through his spiritual sense.

He found hundreds of altars inside the palace. In each altar, a large number of internal cores were stacked together

The internal cores came in different sizes and their sheer number was astonishing.

Austin sensed a strong essence of life enveloping each internal core.

"Cover me. Block them for as long as you can and I will take all the internal cores inside!"

Austin had a serious look, and not even a hint of fear was seen in his eyes.

Without hesitation, he darted across the sky and rushed into the palace. Inside the palace, he went straight to the altars where the internal cores were sitting.

"All of you are mine!"

Austin released a colossal amount of vital energy which transformed into several gigantic hands. He started grabbing the piles of internal cores in every altar all at the same time.


Austin was quickly accumulating a lot of internal cores.

At the gates of the palace, the Heavenly Majestic Pot, Violet, the gnome, the divine silkworm, the little infinity beast, Suzie, and Suzie's brother were stunned at the scene in front of them.

They saw an overwhelming number of monsters rapidly charging at them. Their huge, heavy tails were lashing furiously.

The first wave of monsters charging at them was about one hundred thousand.

More were coming as the ancestral grave was guarded by more than ten million monsters.

"Fuck! Did Austin just say block them? How can we even do that?!"

They trembled at the horrifying scene in front of them and couldn't help but curse loudly.

"We have no other choice! Might as well entrust our lives to that reckless boy!"

The earth immortal level energy erupted from the Heavenly Majestic Pot. It unleashed all the magic treasures that it possessed and defended the gate with all its might.

The pot's only goal was to eliminate every monster that would try to pass throug


Austin felt very satisfied and was brimming with energy.

He primarily thought that refining the internal cores would take a long and slow process.

Moreover, the monsters' internal cores were very powerful elements that contained a lot of energy. If one was not careful and took too much at a time, his body might not be able to take it and might cause severe damage. Worst case scenario, his body might even explode.

Fortunately, Austin didn't need to worry about any of that, since the Omnipotent Immortal Stone proved to be very useful in dealing with the refining process of the internal cores.

"All right! If that is the case, I might as well take it up a notch!

I'm going to consume all of them!"

Like a greedy child, Austin quickly began stuffing the internal cores one by one into his mouth and swallowed them all.

The Omnipotent Immortal Stones acted as a fine-tuned machine, refining the monsters' internal cores one after another at an extreme speed.


Austin's energy meridians erupted with an unbelievable amount of energy surging throughout his whole body. It was as though his own body was roaring and the energy leaking was enough to dominate the world.

His physical strength was continuously growing at an amazing pace.

Earlier, Austin had only eaten three internal cores of the monsters, and his physical strength increased to a very high level.

Now, Austin had just consumed more than a thousand cores.

After the Omnipotent Immortal Stone finished refining each of these internal cores, Austin's physical strength would soon be so unimaginable.

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