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   Chapter 2944 They Found Us

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The world's exit was so busy with several monsters coming in and out.

Groups of monsters were patrolling nearby, making sure that they kept the defense and security tightly observed.

The Heavenly Majestic Pot steered the Space Ship and snuck out through the void, following a group of monsters that entered into the world.

It was a vast world with a very uneasy atmosphere. Most buildings that could be seen were made up of heavy, robust stones.

"The monsters' ancestral grave is in the Gravel City to the east of this world,"

Suzie reported.

Upon hearing the directions, the Space Ship swiftly moved eastwards. After a moment, a towering stone city emerged at the end of the horizon.

The entire city was built with enormous rough stones. The style was very primitive as if journeying back into the ancient civilization.

Countless monsters were roaming around the city. The number was so appalling that the huge city was almost clogged.

Inside the Gravel City, numerous runes with mysterious aura were in plain sight. They spread in the air and caused the space to ripple. This filled the atmosphere with a savage aura.

Looking from a distance, the Gravel City seemed like a motionless ancient beast.

"This is exactly what was stated in the records of the ancient book. The Gravel City is known as the birthplace of these monsters,"

Suzie spoke in a soft voice.

"It makes sense. That's why there are too many monsters in here. I can sense at least ten million of them.

Just judging from their moves, it seems that all of them are monstrous elites carefully selected from their race.

If we get caught, we might be walking into our bloody death."

Austin frowned as he realistically assessed the situation.

"Mr. Lin, according to the records of the ancient book, there should be ten leaders of the monsters responsible for guarding and defending the ancestral grave.

Those ten leaders have astonishing fighting power. It was said that even earth immortals couldn't stand a chance against them,"

Suzie added.

"That's bad!

In this universe, the main principle was the law of gravity.

As a result, the strength of outsiders would be severely weakened.

Only body refiners with solid physical strength would be able to cope up in this universe.

Unfortunately for us, that mean

ed in a specific palace in the city.

These internal cores represent the honor and strength of those monsters resting here. They are used to be mourned and admired by future generations,"

Suzie lectured briefly.

"Then let's hurry up and find that palace where they place the internal cores,"

Austin gave the order.

The Space Ship began sneaking around the Gravel City.

Soon after, Austin recognized a palace with an architectural style that stood out among the rest.

Its roof was pointy, bright and dazzling, giving off a strong essence of life.

That one palace was covered in shining runes. They glided slowly around the palace like birds flying through the wind with very little movement of the wings.

"This must be the palace that we're looking for."

Austin instantly became excited.

His other companions agreed as they saw the peculiarity of the palace in front of them.

The Space Ship started flying towards the palace.

In a moment, they were close enough into the gates of the palace.

Just as they were about to enter, the brilliant runes that were swirling around the palace suddenly trembled and burned. They quickly surrounded the ship as they formed a huge cylindrical column of light.

In an instant, the Space Ship was forced to show up. The isolation technique and the Track-hiding Array were both nullified.

After witnessing the incident, all the monsters' gazes were shifted onto the Space Ship.

"Oh my gosh! We've been spotted!"

Suzie screamed as her face went pale out of fear and panic.

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