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   Chapter 2942 The Monsters' Ancestral Grave

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"Go to hell, you bastard!"

Austin sneered as he punched Hanson hard in the chest.


All of a sudden, a large piece of Hanson's body chipped out and his whole upper body cracked open! A terrifying force instantly burst out and blocked Austin's fist.

"Who dares to kill my son?"

The shadow of a dignified middle-aged man unexpectedly rushed out from Hanson's Soul Sea.

"Oh, boy. This is not good. It's the spiritual soul mark of a warrior at the Divine Realm!

We are no match for it. Get ready to run!"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot said as its face turned pale with fear.

Austin also sensed that the situation was very serious. Without hesitation, he waved his sleeve and rolled up all his companions, including the brother and sister, hurriedly stepped on the Space Ship and got ready to run away.

"Father, this guys has tormented me for no reason and has killed the members of our clan. Kill him and his friends to teach them a lesson!"

Hanson was overjoyed as he complained to his father. At the same time, he looked at Austin viciously.

He knew that if anyone tried to kill him, it would trigger the spiritual soul mark left by his father in his body. Thus, he felt secured that no one would be bold enough to attack him directly and get away with it.

"Humph! Whoever offends any member of our Huangfu Clan must die!"

the majestic middle-aged man roared.


A wave of extremely powerful spiritual sense force occupied the starry sky and was about to wrap the Space Ship like a vast sea.

The wave of force followed the ship so fast that it instantly caught up with it.

"We are in deep trouble, boy. I didn't know that his father was a powerful warrior of the Divine Realm! We should have stayed out of this!"

the pot said bitterly.

Then, something unexpected happened.

"High-ranking warriors are not allowed to enter this trial road without permission. Anyone who violates this rule will be punished!"

A powerful voice abruptly resounded from the star-studded sky.

Then, numerous dazzling runes appeared in the sky like shimmering snowflakes and rushed towards the shadow of the middle-aged man from the Huangfu Clan.

"Damn it!"

the shadow exclaimed. The bright runes flooded the shadow and instantly destroyed it.

"You rascal! If you dare kill my son, I swear I will find you wherever you are and kill you mercilessly."

Before the shadow of the middle-aged man disappeared, it stared at Austin sternly and left such words of warning.

"Phew! How lucky we are.

I almost forgot that this universe

ral eras ago. Thus, it would not be strange if someone from that race had been quite knowledgeable about the Primordial Road.

After a moment of thoughts, Austin asked Suzie, "Suzie, can you tell me where this ancestral grave is?"

"Uhm, Mr. Lin, do you plan on going there and take those internal cores?

It is said in our ancient book that this place is almost impenetrable. The monsters' internal cores there are rare treasures, so it is very well-protected.

Mr. Lin, it is extremely risky if you go to that place,"

Suzie persuaded him eagerly.

"Don't worry, Suzie.

I know it's a treacherous road, but that's why it will all be worth it!"

Austin said with an innocent smile.

Although he knew how perilous the expedition would be, Austin was not willing to give up such an opportunity.

He was stubborn, and his willingness to improve his strength fearlessly had always prevailed.

After a lot of pleading, Suzie finally disclosed the specific location of the monsters' ancestral grave.

"Let's go! I'm sure they won't give us a free pass, so we will have to sneak in to enter the ancestral grave,"

Austin decided at once.

The pot, Violet, the little infinity beast, and the divine silkworm knew that it would be impossible to convince Austin otherwise.

In addition, they too were not afraid of any danger because they were being encouraged by Austin.

Suzie and her brother insisted on staying with Austin since they wanted to return his favor for saving their lives.

Austin had no way to get rid of them. So, he allowed them to come with him as well.

Hence, in the starry sky, the Space Ship quietly headed towards their next destination—the monsters' ancestral grave.

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