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   Chapter 2941 Saving The Brother And Sister

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9673

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In the starry sky, a group of people closed in on a man and a woman wickedly.

"You little bitch. Let's just call it a day and give yourself up!

Do you think you can still manage to escape?

Just surrender and come with me. I'll take good care of you, I promise,"

a young man in white said nastily.

The purity of his clothes ironically contrasted his malicious intent. He was a tall and handsome man who always thought he could get away with anything.

His followers always stood beside him like a group of mutts.

"Oh, dear Suzie, you should accept Mr. Hanson's offer. Don't you know that he is the favorite son of the leader of the Huangfu Clan? You're lucky to have a nobleman lay his eyes on you!

Come on. You don't have to be such a tease,"

one of Hanson's followers, persuaded Suzie soothingly. It seemed that they had known each other personally for a long time.

"Shut up, Whit!

I can't believe it!

You were just a poor orphan at death's door! Did you forget that it was my father who found you, fed you, and put a roof over your head? He even took you as a disciple and trained you with all his heart.

I can't believe you would betray me just to please this guy!

You're not worthy of my father's upbringing! You know what, you were better off dead!"

Suzie rebuked her childhood friend coldly for selling her out.

She was a petite young girl who was about sixteen years of age. Men would be enamored with her dainty personality and wit. She had delicate features, which made her look elegant.

"Suzie, there's no use arguing with these bastards. Let's just fight them and leave the hell out of here!"

Suzie's brother told her while he glared at their opponents with rage. He was a tall young man who had a muscular build.

"Ha-ha! Oh well.

I gave you a choice, all right?

It looks like that you have chosen the hard way," laughed the young man.

"Fine. Guys," he turned to his followers and ordered them, "take them down.

And then find a quiet place for me to taste this woman's Pure Phoenix Body. Ha-ha-ha!"

Hanson then talked to Whit, "You have done a great job. From now on, you will stay with me and become one of us. You don't need to return to that small and stupid clan anymore."

Whit was overjoyed. "Thank you so much for your appreciation, sir!

I, Whit, swear to serve the Huangfu Clan wholeheartedly from now on!"

He immediately bent down one knee and declared his allegiance to Hanson.


Hanson nodded with satisfaction.

On the other hand, several strong men approached Suzie and her brother. "Last chance, little bird. Do you want us to take you down with force, or do you want to live and be obedient instead?"

The men bit their lips and cracked their large knuckles as they moved closer to the two siblings.

All of them were at the Golden Immortal Realm.

Suzie's brother was also

y instantly flew into pieces!

"What? That's impossible!"

Hanson and his men were stunned.

They could not believe that a young man who was only at the Genuine Immortal Realm had brutally destroyed Whit whose cultivation base was at the Golden Immortal Realm in just one move.

'He easily defeated a man whose cultivation base is higher than him! Surely a golden immortal is no match for him!' they immediately thought.

"You brat! How dare you kill my men? You're dead meat now!" Hanson shouted toward Austin.

He then turned to an elder and said, "Kill these rascals for me, but leave the beautiful woman alive for me. I have other plans for her."

Hanson pointed at Violet with a vicious look.

Attractive women had always drawn his attention, and Violet was clearly not an exception. She was a charming young woman, and Hanson could not take his lecherous eyes off her at all!

"Wow, what a lucky day! Not only will I get the Pure Phoenix Body today, but I shall also score a foreign and exotic beauty! Ha-ha-ha!"

He stared at Violet from head to toe salaciously.

Afterwards, a tall and sinister-looking old man walked towards Austin and his crew slowly.

He looked like a formidable earth immortal!

"Let's kill them all!"

Austin said to his companions.

Then, the three skills, the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, the Hallucinatory Handkerchief, and the time zone, were all carried out strategically at the same time.

All of a sudden, the tall old man, Hanson, and their other minions were all shocked to find themselves unable to move.

Austin and his companions charged towards them like ferocious tigers and killed them one by one! Finally, Hanson was the only one remaining among the group.

"No! You can't kill me. I'm the son of the Huangfu Clan. My father will hear about this! He will finish each and every one of you when he finds out what you did!"

Hanson screamed in fear.

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