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   Chapter 2931 Fighting For Points

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After Austin killed a monster, he obtained three points. Thinking of it as a fun hunting game, he immediately rushed towards other monsters.

"Let's kill more of them!

I already got three points. It's a breakthrough!"

In addition to Austin, other cultivators also fought valiantly. They killed monsters one after another and started accumulating points.

A lot of cultivators were in this group. There were tens of thousands of them, just a bit more than the number of the surviving monsters.

Moreover, there were five earth immortal masters among them with the strength that could easily defeat the monsters. Everyone became motivated in fighting, and soon after, they gained the upper hand against them.

Earlier, they were drowning in fear at the sight of the monsters who slaughtered the warriors one after another. After an earth immortal defeated one of the monsters, they learned that these vicious creatures were not so invincible.

Unfortunately, during the fierce battle, many cultivators were still taken down by the monsters. Some of them gave up on the trial as they were pushed on the brink of death. They just had to activate the jade token before they were killed in order to be teleported away from the world.

"I got another three points!"

Austin manipulated the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain, displayed the Divine Fist Skill, and also released his swordsmanship. With just a few moves utilizing his amazing skills, he was able to bring down another monster.

At this moment, Austin had garnered a total of six points.


Suddenly, a total of five monsters began targeting Austin. They swung their huge, thick tails and instantly surrounded him.

Austin stopped for a while and narrowed his eyes.

It was just easy dealing with a single monster.

However, it was definitely difficult for Austin or anyone in there to deal with five monsters at the same time.

"Listen, brat. Generally speaking, for a race with such a strong body, their spiritual sense will be relatively weak. Try using the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor to deal with these monsters. It might prove very useful,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot conversed with Austin through the spiritual sense.

"All right. Let's give it a try."

Austin instantly opened the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor in the middle of his eyebrows. It let out a dazzling cold light that enveloped the monsters.

"What is happening?"

Suddenly, all movements of the five monsters were stopped as if they were petrified.

"The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor did it!"

Austin didn't expect that it would be that effective. Holding the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain in his hand, he dashed using the Omnipotent Lightnes

The Heavenly Majestic Pot rushed through the starry sky and destroyed the spiritual soul of the old man.

"Serves you right."

Austin put away the Space Rings and crushed the old man's jade token with his hand.

Soon after, numbers flashing with dazzling light flew out from the crumbled identity jade token that belonged to the old man and swooped into Austin's jade token.

As Austin looked at his jade token, it now showed two hundred and one points.

'What? I got two hundred and one points?'

Austin was confused because the points from the old man's jade token apparently got added to the points in his own.

"Hey, does this mean that you can take other people's points?!"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot cried out in shock.

Several nearby cultivators clearly witnessed how Austin killed the old man, crushed the jade token, and obtained the points afterward.

"Holy shit!"

This completely changed the cultivators' perspective.

They stopped for a while, took a deep breath, and carefully arranged their thoughts.

One could take others' points and make them their own. This thought played repeatedly in everyone's minds.

As expected, the powerful warriors taking the trial slowly showed a greedy expression in their eyes. Their eyes shifted from the monsters to the other cultivators fighting alongside them.

Those who had weak combat power began groaning inwardly as they realized the hopelessness of their situation.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away from where the trial was happening, a young man in black with a cold expression on his face suddenly stopped and turned towards the direction of where Austin and the others were.

"Someone just used the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor. Austin must be there!"

the young man in black said while gritting his teeth.

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