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   Chapter 2930 Obtaining Points

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Among the thousands of warriors that were being hunted down by the monsters, many of them had already crushed their jade tokens to quit and make it back alive.

This group of cultivators was relatively weak that the strongest of them were only a few golden immortals. Most of them just stuck with each other and defended themselves with all their might.

Moreover, they were greatly outnumbered. Roughly a thousand cultivators were going against tens of thousands of these ferocious monsters.

The monsters were just toying with them like lions torturing their prey before devouring them.

Now, there were only a few hundred of the warriors left. Instead of fighting back, they focused on escaping and used their bodily movement skills to break out of the enemies' encirclement.

Some cultivators who were relatively strong enough barely broke out of the encirclement by desperately throwing every skill that they had. As they got out, they exerted all their strength to quickly escape into the distant starry sky.

"These fools!

Didn't you know that our race is the fastest in the universe? I don't think you have the slightest idea of what we are capable of right now. You're just a bunch of slow creeping insects begging us to mangle you!"

The monsters laughed at the pitiful warriors while wagging their tails. They chased the fleeing warriors and caught up to them in an instant.

Their speed was truly terrifying. At this point, no one could get away from them.

A monster swiftly got behind one of the warriors. He let out a deafening roar and lashed his huge tail against the warrior's back.

A loud splattering sound was heard as the warrior's body was crushed into a bloody pulp.

"This is insane. I can't take this anymore! I want to go back!"

the man's spiritual soul yelled in desperation. He activated his jade token and completely disappeared.

"Humph! His spiritual soul escaped. It doesn't taste as good without the soul in it,"

the monster complained in dissatisfaction.

At the moment, Austin and his companions rushed towards the platform. They were taken aback when they saw the gruesome scene.

It was very evident that these monsters had horrifying physical strength and a tough framework. Even powerful martial arts techniques and magic treasures could barely inflict damages to these monsters.

They were very troublesome adversaries.

"So, killing these monsters is the goal of the trial?

Then let's attack them together!"

About four to five earth immortals from Austin's group rushed towards the monsters like hungry huntsmen.

w of this world, the framework of these monsters was extremely robust as if they had infinite physical strength.

Austin wanted to test if the Celestial Star Water's power could overpower these monsters.


When the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain collided with the monster, the nine drops of Celestial Star Water shot out like blazing cannonballs, hitting the monster all at once.


Nine huge holes were created on the monster's body. Hot blood splashed everywhere like gushing fountains.

"What is this? How could a magic treasure possessed by a mere low-life inflict damage to this degree?!"

The monster began trembling in fear.

"Ha-ha! The Celestial Star Water contains extremely powerful gravity law. It is the heaviest magic treasure that has ever existed, and coincidentally, the best weapon against these tough monsters.

That's right. Nothing is invincible.

Thanks to the Celestial Star Water, killing these monsters would be a walk in the park,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot analyzed.

"Finish him off!" the pot yelled as he felt thrilled from the sight of the battle.

"I know!"

Austin started to enjoy the battle.

The next moment, the drops of Celestial Star Water gathered and completely crushed the monster into bloody pieces.

Austin's jade token started shining brightly. A beaming number came swooping down from the sky and slid into it.

"I got three points!"

Austin was overjoyed as he was starting to heat up.

Five thousand points were required to pass the trial.

However, if he could get as much as ten thousand points, he would obtain a magic treasure left by Master Layne himself.

It was a no-brainer that Austin was targeting for ten thousand points.

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