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   Chapter 2929 Cruel Monsters

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Austin and the other creatures used their bodily movement skill to fly towards the star cluster in front of them.

Since it was their first time to visit that universe, many creatures had decided to stay in groups until they had gathered enough information about the terrain.

Austin's companions did not belong to any of the most powerful universes or forces.

The creatures from the strong universes or forces had teamed up to explore the new place. They did not want to work together with the weaker ones.

For them, joining with those who did not match their power would only hold them back.

With the aid of the Aura Disguising Skill, Austin had changed his appearance and the aura of his spiritual soul. Moreover, the Heavenly Majestic Pot had also set up the Track-hiding Array around him to conceal his aura.

According to the Heavenly Majestic Pot, only the masters of the Divine Realm or the creatures who possessed magic treasures that were forged by gods could see through Austin's disguise.

Thus, Austin had nothing to worry about. While he pretended to be an ordinary-looking man, he followed the group and spoke to the other creatures every once in a while.

"Everyone, pay close attention to the people around you. If you find anyone who looks like Austin Lin, let us know. After we take him out, we can all share the rewards.

I heard that apart from five drops of Divine Liquid, we will also be rewarded with lots of rare natural resources that we have never even heard of!"

an earth immortal among the crowd declared loudly.

There were five masters at the earth immortal level among the horde.

Although the five of them were not from powerful forces, they were relatively more powerful than the other creatures in the group. Therefore, they had thought of themselves as the front runners of the pack.

Everyone's eyes lit up from the words of the earth immortal. They all began to size up the people around them secretly.

"He's right. If I find Austin Lin of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, I'll be a rich man," a brawny man who stood next to Austin said greedily as he licked his lips.

The muscular man had a scar on his face and a big saber on his back, whic

What a great day! They are so delicious! Ha-ha!"

The monsters roared as they were incredibly excited with their fresh kills.

More and more creatures were killed by the colossal monsters brutally. They had destroyed the pitiful creatures easily using their giant tails.

The giant monsters had hunted down their prey very efficiently. They relied on their melee attacks to hit their targets from a short distance instead of a long distance.

A single wave of their tail would instantly create a force that would send them to their enemies in an instant.

Their skin was incredibly tough to withstand the attacks from the creatures. It seemed that martial arts skills such as the sword aura, the blade aura, and the fist skills could not cause them damage at all.

What horrified Austin and his companions the most was when the monsters stuck out their tongues to tie up the creatures and devoured them with their sharp teeth. Their claws were sharp, and could bear all kinds of attacks from their prey's high-grade magic treasures.

These monsters' best move was to destroy the creatures' defenses with their huge tails. Austin and his companions were dumbfounded.

In a blink of an eye, most of the creatures had been slaughtered. There were only a few hundred of them left.

"These monsters are too terrifying!"

"Oh my God! Run!"

The survivors were scared to death. They lost all the will to fight as they turned around and ran for their lives.

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