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   Chapter 2928 Mysterious Monsters

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7444

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"This is absurd! You are kidding me, aren't you?

We are competitors.

Why do we have to work together?

I will not stoop down to the level of weaklings!" A man with a purple hat slammed his fist dramatically. He had tousled dark brown hair and his face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He scowled.

With that, he waved his sleeve, turned around and walked away.

He was followed closely by a dozen earth immortals.

"I recognize this man. He is the son of the Scarlet Sect' leader, Alexander Yan!"

One of them identified the man with the purple hat. They exchanged whispers and murmurs towards each other.

"What's going on?!" Alexander Yan exclaimed with a frown.

He stopped abruptly in his tracks when he was a few hundred meters away from where he had been.

"There is a special law in this universe that weakened my powers,"

he said in utter shock.

"No way!"

They had to see for their selves whether this place had a special law or not. True enough, as they all tried to move, they felt as if something was dragging them down to the ground.

"You are right. I feel like I am carrying dozens of invisible huge mountains on my back. It's too heavy!"

"My speed is at least dozens of times slower than before. I can't keep moving at this speed. What should I do?"

In the grip of panic, the creatures had their synapses firing like crazy. They were unfamiliar of this place and it freaked them out.

Austin used the bodily movement skill to fly back and forth in the space more than once, only to find that his body became much heavier. He had a difficult time trying to make his body move swift—his motions were limited.

"I can't even break a planet!

Everything here is surprisingly heavy!"

A tall, young cultivator launched an attack on the planet nearby, but failed to destroy it. Shocked and embarrassed, he hit it nine times. Much to his astonishment, he only caused several small holes on the surface of the planet.

All of the creatures present were elites of various universes. For them, shattering a planet was a piece of cake.

"This universe has a special law of gravity!

That's why things are this heavy!

It is impossible for outsiders

Inform all the members to hunt down the creatures from the positive world and eat all of them!"

Unable to contain his hunger any longer, the largest monster ordered with a wave of his hand.

"That's great to hear. I am so excited at the thought those mouth-watering prey," another monster gushed.

The monsters cheered up and swallowed audibly. Obviously, they were looking forward for the upcoming hunt.

"Let's go!"

The monsters swung their tails. With every slam, it created a slapping sound due to its heavy weight.

Their tails created a strong power with every swing. In an instant, they dashed forward and disappeared into distance.

After most of the monsters had left, there were a dozen of them left on the ground. They were bigger than those that had walked away.

They were the leaders of this particular tribe.

"I have a good news for you.

The altar has reacted several times recently.

I think we can get in touch with our other members."

The biggest monster turned to another and shared his news.

"Is that so, sir?

That's great to hear!"

"We have left home for years. It looks like we can finally have our chance to return!"

They were all excited with this piece of news. Their body trembled in exhilaration.

"Well, to celebrate our coming home, let's kill all these creatures from the positive world!"

The monster leaders looked at each other before they shook their thick tails and vanished into thin air in an instant.

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