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   Chapter 2927 The Negative World

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There was a square at the center of the Layne Lu City.

At that point, the square was crowded with living creatures.

By then, the total number of the creatures from various universes that had entered the passage was over a hundred million!

"The Primordial Road was created by the gods during the ancient times, and is considered to be the highest level training field.

Keep in mind that the following stages will be filled of all kinds of attractive opportunities and treasures.

On the other hand, it is also swarmed with unknown dangers that may lead you to your death.

There are nine tests in the Primordial Road. You will have to go through them in nine different negative worlds.

Rumor has it that even the ancient gods who had constructed the road have not yet explored all those worlds themselves.

It will be a high-risk journey for all of you.

Hence, let me give you one advice. Once you are in grave danger, break your identity jade tokens so that you can be transported back here. Of course, that would entail your disqualification.

Cherish your own life!"

The guardian of the city appeared above the square in a blurry third-dimensional image. Although no one could see his face clearly, the people were still afraid of making contact with his golden eyes.

They also could not decipher his real vital energy realm. However, some of the earth immortal level creatures did not think that they were a match for him.

Others had a feeling that he was just a spiritual figure of someone who lived during the primordial times.

They surmised that his mission was to guide and supervise the creatures who were taking the test, and that he was not different from the puppets in the Layne Lu City.

"With that, I wish you the best of luck!"

All of a sudden, he vanished into thin air.

Then, a brawny man showed up above the square.

"Good day. I will be taking you to your next destination. Come with me," he said loudly. It was obvious that he was actually a puppet.

All the creatures in the square, including Austin, looked at the puppet. It waved a big purple flag, and the people wondered why.

With a loud thunder, a thick purple lightning flashed causing the void to split instantly!

Under their shocking gaze, an altar flew out of the crack slowly.

The altar was humo

they moved forward at lightning speed.

They had no idea which universe was at the end of the channel. There were times that they felt like hundreds of years had already passed.

Occasionally, the passageway wall became so transparent that they could see different universes that came and went. In a blink of an eye, they had passed hundreds of universes.

No one had a clue how long it had been. Until finally, they were zapped out of the channel, and reached a freezing universe.

More than one hundred million creatures had arrived at the foreign universe.

Behind them, the thick beam of light that transported them there pierced through the space, and gradually faded away.

"Where are we?"

The crowd observed their surroundings.

Massive stars were scattered in the boundless universe. It was so quiet that they could hear themselves breathing.

A strange, ancient aura filled the universe.

"What is our first test?"

Over one hundred million creatures crowded the space, and each of them had a puzzled look on their faces. They looked around and waited for something to happen.

"Hey, everyone. The guardian of the Layne Lu City said that we will have to take tests in different negative worlds.

I guess this is one of them.

It is everyone's first time to travel here, and I doubt that any one of us knows this place well.

I suggest that we stay in groups and figure out what is going on in this universe first," an awe inspiring middle-aged man said loudly as he stepped forward.

He was an earth immortal.

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