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   Chapter 2926 A Reward For Austin's Head

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8585

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"Big news! Hear the big news! A mysterious man has promised a handsome reward to anyone who can provide information on the whereabouts of Austin Lin of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. We're talking about ten Heaven Superior Pills!

It doesn't stop there. Anyone who can take Austin's life will be rewarded with a drop of Divine Liquid!"

The shocking news spread like wildfire in the Layne Lu City.

"For real?!"

All creatures gasped in astonishment upon hearing the news.

"This Austin guy is worth that much?!

That means that the total bounty on his head has increased to five drops Divine Liquid!"

Most creatures were overwhelmed and excited at the same time.

Before the most recent news was released, the four major forces of various universes—known as the underworld, the Divine sect, the Mu Clan, and the Space Sect—each offered a drop of Divine Liquid as a reward for Austin's head.

Now, another mysterious person had offered one to anyone who would fulfill the job.

That meant that a stunning reward of five drops of Divine Liquid would fall into the hands of whoever successfully ended Austin's life.

Every drop of the Divine Liquid contained the Divine Realm master's blood essence and his insights on martial arts. To every cultivator, each drop of this magic liquid was equivalent to a priceless treasure.

Now, they were offered not just one, but five drops of this precious magic liquid. It was an opportunity that no one would ever think of letting it slip away.

Dozens of powerful people were present when the news broke out at Layne Lu City.

It was a small world but occupied a vast area. There were many mountains and plains, along with busy blocks full of puppets.

"Pearce, the people already heard about the reward to hunt Austin down," Darby reported to Pearce.

He was very eager to make Austin pay after the incident at the magic herb shop.

"Well done.

This Austin guy is now our biggest enemy.

Finding him and putting him down will be of utmost priority. Do it by any means possible.

Lastly, send tour army to invade the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. Kill all the creatures that they could find in there,"

Pearce said flatly with his eyes beaming with murderous intent.

Not even a day had passed but another startling rumor was spreading in Layne Lu City.

A group of formidable men was seen arriving at the city gates.

Each of them was at the level of the earth immortal and there were a hundred and twenty of them in total.

These earth immortals were from the Mu Clan, the Divine Sect, the

s of nature better than him. Now… this is in my hands.'

Soon, Austin was completely immersed in comprehending the General Scripture of Chaos.

"Violet, how's it going with the magic treasure that I gave you?"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot asked Violet.

"I have already succeeded in refining that magic treasure.

It's called the Hallucinatory Handkerchief.

Apart from its formidable power, the handkerchief contains many laws related to illusions.

I've actually benefited a lot from learning the laws that came with it.

Because of that, I have a strong feeling that I'm going make a breakthrough,"

Violet answered reassuringly.

"I see. When my former master got a hold of that magic treasure, he speculated that it might have belonged to your nine-tailed demon fox race. It looks like his speculation was true,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot explained to Violet.

Austin and his companions rested and kept a low profile in the past few hours, and so did most of the creature staying in the Layne Lu City.

The next day, a booming voice rang out in every corner of the city.

"Everyone, listen! From now on, all of you must go to the trial field to take the first test as soon as possible."

It was the voice of the guardian of the Layne Lu City.

"Let's do this!"

At that moment, almost all of the creatures were already prepared and activated their bodily movement skills to head for the huge square at the center of the city.

Meanwhile, in the valley, Austin stood up and waved his hand to transfer all his companions, including the Heavenly Majestic Pot, into the Slave Tower. After that, he activated the Omnipotent Lightness and instantly disappeared from the valley.

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