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   Chapter 2925 He Cannot Get Away

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The power of the Divine Fist Skill was indeed remarkable. Using the skill, Austin's fist glowed brilliantly and released an overbearing energy that shook the entire space.

"What? How did you get the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor? Is it possible that you... Are you..."

Darby was at loss for words.

As a member of the formidable Tomber race, he was neither a weakling or a coward. However, he seemed to have thought of something that immediately distressed him.

All of a sudden, a vertical eye appeared between his eyebrows and opened widely. An intense cold light shot out as his eye looked into Austin's Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

It was a fight between two Eyes of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

"You son of a bitch!

It's you!

You have committed heinous crimes. You deserve to die!" Darby roared abruptly as his face twisted.

His hatred for Austin immediately intensified.

About ten years ago, a member of the Tomber race was brutally murdered in the chaotic void and his Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, was taken away!

Moreover, a few years ago, an unknown man broke into the Ghostdom and kidnapped a young member of the Tomber race. Then, the ruler of the Ghostdom discovered that the young member's blood power was transferred to another creature's body through a secret skill.

Furthermore, just a couple of days ago, someone barged into the ancestral land of the Tomber race. Apparently, he dug out a corpse that had been buried for tens of millions of years, and extracted its blood essence.

Taking all of those crimes into consideration—the ruler of the Ghostdom and chief of the Tomber race came to realize a shocking truth: only one person was responsible for the recent offenses against them. The mysterious creature who stole the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, was also the one who hunted down two members of the Tomber race to acquire their blood in order to nourish the eye.

The ruler of the Ghostdom immediately gathered all the members of the Tomber race and held a meeting. He announced his speculation and ordered his men to investigate the perpetrator. Any significant findings would also be directly reported to him.

Then, alas! Darby realized that Austin was the one that they were looking for as he stared at the stolen Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

"It's you! You're dead meat, you ruthless vermin!" Darby bellowed.

The moment those words left his lips, a spine-chilling black smoke appeared and a gigantic ancient beast suddenly ma

in Lin from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos! Now that we know that he's around, he cannot get away from us,"

Pearce said in an unrelenting tone.

A cold breeze blew and the temperature dropped sharply. All the creatures on the street almost froze to death.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the city, Austin put away the Space Ship.

He manifested the Aura Disguising Skill to change his appearance and as well as the aura of his spiritual soul. He disguised himself as a regular young man.

"The members of the Tomber race are indeed amazing!"

He recalled that Darby had forced him to take a dozen steps back with one strike.

'That Darby guy has reached the level of the golden immortal at such a young age. He is really a talented cultivator.'

"You tell me.

I have never seen such a race that is as strong as legendary divine beasts,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot said.

"Do you really think that legendary divine beasts are dominant? I got two legendary divine beasts with me right here. I don't think they are that dynamic,"

Austin replied with a smile.

He was talking about the little infinity beast and the divine silkworm.

"These two fellows have left home ever since they were born. With no one from their races to teach them, they have to figure out on their own how to awaken their blood power.

They may not be strong now.

But you will know what they are capable of when they grow up in the future,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot said hopefully.

"I see. You have a good point,"

Austin responded with a nod.

"Well, get some rest. Let's get ready for the first test of the Primordial Road!"

Austin said.

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