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   Chapter 2923 Purchase The Ancient Spatial Fruit

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"I'll take this Ancient Spatial Fruit."

The young man state arrogantly. As soon as he entered the herb shop, he stared at the Ancient Spatial Fruit on the shelf with disinterest as he spoke indifferently.

He then demanded the shop attendant as if other customers didn't even matter.

The other people in the shop had already retreated and made way for the young man.

The young man was well protected by several powerful cultivators who were at the Earth Immortal Realm. No one wanted to provoke him since he must be from some powerful force as he had such powerful cultivators at his beck and call.

"According to the rules of our store, we serve on a base of 'first come, first served', so the person who asks for the price first has the first priority to buy first."

The shop attendant informed him.

The shop attendant was a robotic puppet. It didn't care which background, connections, or backing an individual had or which sect they came from. It was incapable of flattering anyone and would only follow the specific procedures laid down.

The shop attendant then turned their attention to Austin since he was the first one to ask for the price.

"What is wrong with you?"

The arrogant young man looked down at Austin with a cold expression as if he and Austin knew each other and were mortal enemies. He looked like he was extremely disgusted to even share the same breathing space with Austin.

"You tiny ant, do you have a death wish and want to die right at this moment?

The rules don't matter anymore, now that Mr. Darby is here. Get out of our sight! You are not good enough to be in his presence."

A tall and thin old man in black gabbed. He was standing beside the young man the whole time and shouting impatiently at Austin as he turned and stared at him abruptly.

Untold anger suddenly rose in Austin's heart. He sneered and looked at the young man with contempt.

Suddenly, before he could react to their uncalled for insult, he had a strange feeling.

"What is happening?"

Austin was surprised. Situated in between his eyebrows, the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor suddenly twitched slightly, as if it had a strange reaction to the young man.

They seemed to recognize each other and had some kind of blood ties.

It seemed that the blood inside the young man's body was identical to the one that belonged to the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

Austin quickly made a few calculations in his mind and came to that conclusion.

'I see. The Tomber race of the Ghostdom!'

Austin suddenly realized.

'This young man has turned out to be a Tomber from the Ghostdom, ' he thought.

'It's strange. I seem to have a sense of familiarity about this little bug as if we know each other or we are related.

But he's clearly a human. There is no way he and I could be related. Is it an illusion or I'm I hallucinating?'

At the same time, the young man had been secretly observing Austin and curious about him. He looked at Austin a little longer than normal.

The Tomber race was a formidable force that belonged to the underwo

ot of wealth! It must be very incredible!

I have to take out two thirds of my wealth to which may barely be enough to buy this Ancient Spatial Fruit? How can the price be so ridiculous? I wonder if such kind of a sacrifice will be worth it."

Austin's face turned pale with fear.

The fact was that as the strongest cultivator of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, Austin's wealth was beyond imagination. It was astronomical.

However, he felt that it was a gross exaggeration for him to be expected to buy the Ancient Spatial Fruit with as much as two thirds of his wealth.

"Ha ha, how do you feel, little ant? As I said, the Ancient Spatial Fruit is not something that can be owned by a loser like yourself.

We are short of money, right?"

sneered the earth immortal next to the arrogant young man.

A trace of disdain filtered across that arrogant young man's eyes. He treated Austin as a kid who didn't know how to act in public and who was not worthy of being in his presence.

"Gnome, do you really need this Ancient Spatial Fruit that much?"

Austin asked the gnome for confirmation.

"It's really necessary for me. This is the holy fruit of our race. If I get the chance to refine it, it can raise the purity of my blood and even trigger the innermost part of my blood power, activating several legendary secret techniques of our race.

However, I do realize that this Ancient Spatial Fruit is too expensive. We don't have to buy it," said the gnome.

Although he claimed he was okay with not having the Ancient Spatial Fruit, he was still looking eagerly and longingly at the fruit. He couldn't wait to rush over and refine it.

"All right."

Austin made up his mind.

With a wave of his hand, dozens of Space Rings flew out and fell in front of the shop assistant one after another.

The shop attendant checked with its spiritual sense again.

"Okay. That's enough. I will sell the Ancient Spatial Fruit to you."

Finally, the attendant nodded.

"Boy, thank you so much!"

The gnome shivered with excitement.

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