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   Chapter 2922 The Ancient Spatial Fruit

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In the end, Austin was given a jade token, as was everyone else, including the Heavenly Majestic Pot.

"I have told you everything there is to tell," the old man's shadow added.

"My mission is complete. Now, it is time for you to seek your destinies and get on your own trails.

Ah! I almost forgot. The road of trial winds through various cities like this Layne Lu City. There you can find places to take shelter or rest."

The old man's voice suddenly took a forbidding tone, further accentuated by the fact that his shadow was hovering over them in midair.

"Bear in mind that all the wares and services, including natural resources and treasures for cultivation, that are offered within these cities must be purchased with money or something else.

Anyone who makes the mistake of taking them by force or trickery will be executed without mercy!"

"Sir!" A voice called out among the gathered men.

"Can we gain access to the Yellow Cosmos once we've finished our trails on the road of trial?

Will the door to the Gods' Hometown finally appear?"

These were the same questions that had been lurking in everyone else's mind.

Hearing the words out loud made everyone stand a little straighter and grip their weapons a little tighter, as if they were suddenly pulled back to reality.

Their purpose in coming here was to find the door to the Gods' Hometown and enter the Yellow Cosmos.

They all somehow got distracted by the knowledge that the passage they were about to take was the Primordial Road, and temporarily lost sight of their original goal.

"You may, of course, set foot in the Yellow Cosmos," came the old man's reply. "Once the trial is completed, you will be presented with choices, among them the choice to be teleported to the Yellow Cosmos.

You may also choose to be teleported to other cosmoses, even back here to the Purple Cosmos.

The Primordial Road has several entrances and exits, but I cannot tell you anything about the door to the Gods' Hometown. I know nothing of it.

My only task is to explain the rudimentary points you need to know about the trails ahead.

As for information concerning other matters, I'm afraid I have been detached from the outside world for too long, and thus can be of no help to you."

The shadow began to ripple in the air, about to dissipate into nothing.

Suddenly another voice piped up among the crowd.

"Sir, why this city is named after Master Layne Lu? Does it have something to do with him?"


High up in the air, the old man's shadow trembled back into shape, its form seeming to vibrate with a subtly violent energy.

Twin pricks of light shone at the place where its eyes were supposed to be, and their gaze locked on to the direction of Austin, who had fired the question.

"You are familiar with the story of Master Layne?"

The old man's shadow asked Austin with his spiritual sense, keeping the conversation a secret from the rest of the creatures in attendance.

"Master Layne was the forefather of all the carpenters," Austin answered carefully through his own spiritual sense, keeping hi

r refining all top magic treasures in the world. It was peerless in value.

In another corner of the store, Austin witnessed a core disciple from a powerful sect trade a Legendary Dragon Fruit with an equally impressive treasure.

Judging by the treasures they kept whipping out for trade, it soon became apparent that the core disciples of the strong sects were ridiculously wealthy.

"What?!" the gnome suddenly exclaimed from the streets. "That is an Ancient Spatial Fruit!" In the next moment he was bounding into another herb shop.

The object of his desire was a dark purple fruit sitting on the shelf. He stared at it longingly, his breath coming in short, heavy pants.

His attention piqued at the scene that unfolded, Austin secretly extended his spiritual sense to feel the fruit.

'This fruit contains astonishing space energy!'

"It is the Ancient Spatial Fruit," the gnome's voice came into Austin's mind.

"For those of our kind, this is considered as our holy fruit. It is priceless!"

"Ancient Spatial Fruit?" Austin wondered at that. "The holy fruit of your species?"

He could tell that the gnome was anxious to acquire it.

"Hey, man," Austin stepped in smoothly and asked the store attendant.

He pointed at the fruit in question.

"Name the price for this one. I want to buy it."

Before the attendant could answer, a loud ruckus ensued at the entrance of the shop.

"Everybody out! If you don't want to die here today then get out, all of you!"

Several earth immortals marched into the shop, flanking the entrance and forming a path. In waltzed a young man wearing a cold and arrogant expression. He had his hands behind his back as he glided pompously into the room.

Judging from the whole debacle just now, this young master must also be a core disciple from a certain major force.

He walked up to Austin and glared at him under his nose.

"Who do you think you are? You want to purchase the Ancient Spatial Fruit? Cease your foolish ambitions! This Ancient Spatial Fruit is mine! You there, give me the price, now!"

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