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   Chapter 2920 The Primordial Road

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But Austin didn't take action at once, even though the other creatures rushed into the shop to get the valuable treasures.

He had a gut feeling that things were not going to be that simple. It was almost too good to be true.

'Something is going on. I can feel it.'

Sure enough, in the next moment, a thundering roar resounded.

"How dare you rob the shops in broad daylight, you shameless looters?"

A horde of puppet riders dashed into the herb store.

"Die, you worthless pieces of shit!"

Each with a long spear in their hands, the puppet riders rushed towards the mob who came to steal the treasures in the herb store. Many were caught red handed, with the actual stolen goods in their arms.

"Fuck off! Mind your own business!"

There was no way that the outsiders were going to give up the valuable treasures, especially those that they already had in their hands. Soon, they were engaged in a fight with the puppets.

The puppet soldiers were all brave and strong. They knew nothing about pain or death, so the fear of dying was non-existent to them. After all, they were lifeless things.

Not long after, the creatures were surprised to find that an increasing number of puppet soldiers started arriving in the shop and charged at them.

Despite that, there was no way that they were going to give up such precious treasures. They wasted no time snatching the remaining items on the shelves. Besides priceless things like the Flower of Law and the Legendary Dragon Fruit, there were other rare spiritual herbs that people wanted badly. This might be the only time that they would get those things for free.

Meanwhile, in the herb shop, several attendants rushed towards the shelves to prevent the others from taking the goods. However, they were crushed to powder in the blink of an eye. The looters were incredibly determined to ransack the place.

A middle-aged man in black took one of the herbs and burst into laughter. He was an earth immortal.

"Look! I have in my hand, the Flower of Law. It now belongs to us! Anyone who tries to take it away from me shall become an enemy of the underworld, and shall have a taste of my wrath!" he declared loudly.

More than a dozen people shrouded in corpse miasma rushed forward and guarded the middle-aged man in black.

The others were stunned, looked at each other and hesitated.

The underworld was undeniably a powerful force. Most creatures knew it and dared not mess with it.

At that moment, without warning, the roof

rlds that were in it.

According to old man, however, the passage was the trial road itself.

Upon hearing this, the creatures were beyond disbelief.

More so than anyone else, Austin was shocked when he found out the name of the city.

Others might not have heard of the name Layne Lu, but being from Earth himself, Austin knew it very well.

Layne Lu had been a very famous and skilled craftsman on Earth since ancient times. It was said that he was the first craftsman, the pioneer of his kind. Because of this, he had a much revered and elevated status.

'It is uncanny that this city is called Layne Lu City. Is it a mere coincidence or does it have something to do with Layne Lu from Earth?'

Austin pondered to himself.

"May I ask you a question, sir?

What is this trial road that you speak of?"

someone asked anxiously.

"I'm glad that you asked. The trial road was created by the gods in the primordial times. That is why it also goes by another name, the Primordial Road.

The gods meant to select the creatures that had the potential to become gods, and this road, interspersed with various trials and tests was one of the ways that they could do that. Therefore this road is also called the Road of God-to-be.

During those primordial times, the trial road was open for use to all the universes, including three thousand small universes and three thousand big universes. Any qualified creature could enter the Road of God-to-be and undergo a series of trials and tests to prove whether he or she is worthy to become a god," the shadow of the elder in the sky explained patiently.

The people on the other hand listened very intently.

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