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   Chapter 2917 A Pleasant Cooperation

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"I cannot believe this guy! How dare he ask a powerful being at the Divine Realm for three drops of the Divine Liquid! He's so full of himself!"

All the creatures on the land were shocked by Austin's impossible request.

The Divine Liquid was a precious treasure that each drop was priceless, let alone three.

"How greedy he was!" everyone said.

"You ravenous mutt. I don't have three drops of the Divine Liquid. Even if I did, I certainly won't hand it to you,"

the leader of the Space Sect said angrily.

"Really? So there's no room for negotiation? Well, I guess your grandson is not worth the three drops of the Divine Liquid. Forget it, then.

This guy is of no use to me now. In that case, I'll just kill him."

Austin sneered as he raised the Space Sect's leader's grandson.

"Grandpa, help! Please!

You bastard! My grandfather is the leader of the Space Sect. If you kill me, he will kill you, your whole family, and all your friends. Let me go if you want them spared!"

the leader's grandson threatened.

Austin snickered at his captive's threat. Then, he attacked from a great momentum.


Half of the Space Sect's leader's grandson's body was exploded to pieces, and his flesh and blood savagely splashed all over the ground.

"Oh my god!

Ahhh! Grandpa, it hurts! Please hurry!"

He screamed at the top of his lungs. The leader's grandson was terror-stricken.

All the creatures on the land were stunned. The grandson's cry had curdled their blood.

In the eyes of all the living beings in almost all universes, warriors at the Divine Realm had always been superior beings. Their power was ultimately tremendous, and they were untouchable like gods.

Only this time, a human was able to offend masters of the Divine Realm in front of everyone over and over again. He seemed as if he did not know who he was dealing with, and yet he managed to humiliate the supreme beings successfully.

Outside the edge of the Purple Cosmos, the leader of the Space Sect was trembling with anger. He desired nothing but to put Austin and the Heavenly Majestic Pot to death and pulverize their souls!

However, he knew that he could do nothing as long as Austin and the Heavenly Majestic Pot stayed in the passage.

"You little rascal. You ask for too much.

How about I give you one drop of the Divine Liquid, and then you release the people from our Space Sect?"

The leader of the Space Sect was forced to suppress his anger and to discuss a settlement with Austin.

"You know what? Let's both take a step back. Two drops. That is my final offer.

Otherwise, your grandson is dead meat!"

Austin bargained back.


The Space Sect's leader wa

Immortal Cosmos."

The voice of the Divine Sect's leader rang out like a terrifying thunderbolt.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Space Sect was sullen. He remained silent, and no one knew what was on his mind.

"An impending doom will fall upon the Fallen Immortal Cosmos because of one person who had the guts to provoke four powerful cultivators."

"That Austin boy is a pompous asshole. Who does he think he is to offend strong warriors who had reached the Divine Realm?

Let's just wait and see. He will regret it soon."

"Young people are always impulsive. They tend to act so recklessly!

I bet Austin was a rare genius who could actually contend with the four powerful warriors of the Divine Realm if they had a chance to battle face to face!

But I don't think he will have a promising future.

Sooner or later, he will die a miserable death because of what he did."

The creatures were all speculating.

"Don't worry, boy. Peterson and I will protect the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. We also have the Ancient Peace Agreement. Everything will be fine.

You must put your focus on finding the Gods' Hometown."

The voice of the skinny old man suddenly rang in Austin's Soul Sea.

Apparently, the skinny old man had been watching nervously during the whole negotiation. It was not until now that he started to talk to Austin through his spiritual senses.

"Yes, Master Hare. Thank you so much for having my back."

Hare's words cheered Austin up.

"From now on, if I see someone who came from the underworld, the Divine Sect, or the Mu Clan, I won't think twice to kill them."

Austin's voice reverberated with great energy outside the dark passage.

Then, he turned around and walked towards the ancient city. He went straight through the city gate without looking back.

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