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   Chapter 2912 Successful Entry

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Austin waited quietly in the carriage of Prince Pierre.

Hundreds of millions of creatures had gathered around the passage. It was a spectacular sight.

These creatures came from different universes, and otherwise they would never have laid eyes on each other.

After all, the distances between the universes were boundless.

However, these beings were brought together in one continent today because this rare pathway to the Gods' Hometown was about to open.

Four powerful masters at the Divine Realm kept their spiritual senses on high alert, continuously scanning their surroundings and the entire continent.

Dozens of heaven immortals were also deployed in different places above the continent, forming a tight defensive barrier from above.

In all the universes, the Divine Realm and the Heaven Immortal Realm were considered the highest levels of strength.

It boggled the mind that so many warriors of these two levels had been deployed here now just to track down one human.

In the past few days, the news had spread among the four great powers, including the Mu Clan and the Divine Sect, that a human named Austin from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos had killed Abraham, the fourth young master of the Mu Clan.

One of the reasons why the four powerful Divine Realm warriors themselves came here to the Purple Cosmos was to capture Austin.

Creatures from various universes were shocked when they heard about this.

It was unbelievable that some unknown human being could draw in four Divine Realm masters like that.

Creatures around now gossiped surreptitiously about the matter as they waited for the passage to open.

About half a day passed before a voice rang out, finally making some announcements.

"Everyone, get ready! The best time to enter that passage is almost here!"

A loud roar like thunder echoed at the center of the continent, then spread out.

All the creatures in wait immediately perked up. All eyes turned to the deep black crack in space above the middle of the continent.

An old man with grey hair appeared near the crack. The voice a moment ago came from him.

"After discussion among more than a dozen forces, we have reached a consensus.

This time, anyone is allowed to enter this passage as long as their cultivation base level fits. There is no limit in numbers to enter it.

All beings from all of the universes, as long as they are at the Earth Immortal Realm or below, can enter the passage as they please.

However, be reminded that, as many of our cultivators have found, although this passage can l

who came from small or weaker forces cursed at this, in their heads. The major forces were obviously taking advantage of their strength to get a head start.

But they kept their grumblings to themselves. No one dared to openly protest.


A number of flying magic weapons were summoned across the continent.

Flying boats, carriages, and flying swords now floated in the air, crowding the sky.

And of course, many creatures with the ability to fly took to the air by themselves.

All of them rushed now toward the space crack in the sky in the middle of the continent.

As agreed, the first group of creatures who started to enter the passage were all from powerful forces. Each of them radiated a fierce aura, making it obvious that their combat power was much stronger than that of others.

One of them was a carriage emanating corpse miasma. It flew through the air and straight through the entrance.

"We made it! Austin got in successfully!"

A scrawny old man was lurking in the void at the edge of the continent crowed, relief pouring out of him.

"Sir, are only people below the Earth Immortal Realm allowed to enter this passage?"

The old man's spiritual sense suddenly picked up Austin's voice.

"Well, in a sense, you could say so. When Heaven Immortal Realm or Divine Realm warriors enter, they will immediately get attacked by mysterious laws in the passage.

Last time, a master at the Divine Realm broke in forcibly. He ended up being severely injured and fleeing in panic,"

the old man recalled.

Austin laughed at that. "Well and good!

Let's see them try to come after me, then. I'll show them what I've got,"

Austin said, licking his lips in anticipation.

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