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   Chapter 2911 Prince Pierre Of The Underworld

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Austin soon noticed that it seemed an abandoned continent right at the edge of the cosmos.

The continent was a deserted wasteland with no signs of life on it which made it eerily quiet.

However, since the secret passage was spotted, life began teeming on the continent. Powerful forces set up temporary strongholds on the wasteland in order to conduct research and study the passage.

At this point, the continent was filled with over a hundred million creatures.

More and more creatures were coming to the continent for the passage.

"Look, the passage is over there,"

Hare said to Austin, pointing at something before them.

A passage could be found above the center of the continent, spanning for more than tens of thousands of miles. The entrance of the passage ominously resembled a monster's mouth.

Still, Austin didn't find the ripped space special.

However, after much observation, several Divine Realm masters had concluded that the passage could lead to the Yellow Cosmos.

"This is not good. The four Divine Realm masters have been scouring every meter of the continent with their spiritual sense. Once the Space Ship gets close, they'll know we're here,"

Hare said, trying hard to hide the concerned look on his face.

Terrifyingly powerful spiritual sense from the four masters filled the sky above the continent.

The spiritual senses was released by the chief of the Mu Clan and other three masters of the Divine Realm.

In addition, dozens of heaven immortals remained suspended in air, keen on capturing every creature that was about to set foot on the continent.

The heaven immortals were a joint force of the Mu Clan, the Divine Sect, the Space Sect, and, the underworld.

The masters were evenly dispersed in the sky, and no one could escape them.

Of course, their sole target was Austin. Creatures who did not have the aura of Austin's spiritual soul were free to enter the continent.

Knowing that Austin wouldn't stop until he sneaked into the secret passage, the four Divine Realm masters ordered the heaven immortals to wait for his arrival.

"Getting in there would prove very difficult for us,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot said, shaking his head.

Austin's face also darkened. He couldn't wait to kill the four Divine Realm masters.

However, his power didn't stand a chance against theirs.

"We have to think of a way to get in,"

Hare said with a frown.

"Yes, you're right..."

Austin said after thinking for a while.

The corpse miasma was billowing in the distant sky. A black carriage surrounded by a large army of corpse soldiers was barreling towards Austin.


s the continent.

Soon, they arrived at their destination, found at the verge of the Purple Cosmos.

Many creatures saw the black carriage being pulled by five flood dragons while being surrounded by a horde of corpse soldiers. Corpse miasma immediately filled the sky above the continent.

Recognizing that it was Prince Pierre's wagon, creatures made way for the army.

Even the dozens of heaven immortals easily let the carriage pass.

The leader of the underworld sensed the carriage with the aid of his spiritual sense. After perceiving Prince Pierre's aura, he let out a laugh.

"This guy was always a diva," the leader of the underworld said in a teasing way as he shook his head.

The nine princes were chosen by him, so he adored them very much.

Austin hid in the Space Ship disguised as a speck of dust on the floor of Prince Pierre's wagon. He conjured his Track-hiding Array around the ship to conceal their aura.

Because of this, the four Divine Realm masters, including the chief of the Mu Clan failed to spot Austin and his Space Ship.

As for Hare, he got off the carriage before it got close to the continent.

He held a silver ball in his hand.

This was his last Divine Realm Bomb. If things went south, he would throw the bomb to help Austin escape.

Luckily the plan went smoothly. Prince Pierre's carriage landed on the continent without Austin being spotted.

One after another, more creatures came flooding down the continent, overcrowding it.

"What's going on? Why hasn't Austin made his appearance yet? Did he give up on entering Gods' Hometown?" the leader of the Divine Sect said in a displeased tone.

He was thousands of miles away from the continent, sitting in the chaotic void outside the Purple Cosmos.

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